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  1. About

    My name is Monica Castenetto. I’m a Change Catalyser.

    I believe that we all have an important desire to express ourselves fully in our life. And that it’s never too late to do that, and change our life for the better – no matter how stuck or constrained we feel.

    In my life I have been through many changes – some happened to me, and others I chose. I expect this to continue as I keep living, learning and growing.


  2. When It’s Time for a Clean Slate

    Maybe your in-tray at work is overflowing. Your home is crammed full of stuff you never get ’round to sort through. Or perhaps you’ve had a big experience you’ve not digested yet. 

    When life (or we ourselves) deal us more than we can process, it’s time to stop and catch up. Do the sorting, cleaning and clearing. Create a clean slate, and then start afresh. Read on to find out why, and why you only have to gain from it!Read-more

  3. Why it’s vitally important to connect with your real self – and how to do it

    Are you unhappy with your life? (Crossroads, end of an era? Facing redundancy, an empty nest or a divorce?) If you want to make changes and create a life you love (more), have a look and listen to this video. You’ll discover why reconnecting with your real self is of vital importance for it – and has nothing to do with self-indulgent navel-gazing. And you’ll learn a simple and practical tool to create a snapshot of who you really are.Read-more

  4. 5 Simple Ways to Be(come) More Authentic

    Do you feel that you’re living to please others? Are you stuck in a life that doesn’t feel like you? Do you wish you could be more fully  and uniquely yourself ?

    Being authentic can be scary, yet it is very freeing, too. Being the Real You in your life will also help you love your life more. And others will like and trust you more for it, too!

    Read on to discover 5 simple ways to be(come) more Read-more

  5. One-to-one coaching and prices

    Want to tweak your life?

    Life Booster

    mla sq


                                                    1 week for focus and an instant boost.

    Zone in on improving one thing in your life that makes a difference. And feel happier again!

    Have you got a niggle in your life? Something that isn’t quite right, and hampers your flow and enjoyment? Or makes life unnecessarily difficult?

    Perhaps you know what it is. Or you don’t. But you could use more clarity. And a bit of a boost.

    I can


  6. 16 things to do when you’re in a hiatus in your life

    Are you in an in-between place in your life? The lack of clarity, direction, goals or visible progress a hiatus can bring can make it seem like we’ve been paused, halted, held back. And the uncertainty about our future can prey on our mind, and make our hiatus an uncomfortable place to be. But don’t despair: Read on to find out why a hiatus experience is normal and valuable. And discover 16 ways of living through it with more ease!Read-more

  7. lp-flower

    Want a life you love?

    Create a snapshot of you

    Use my simple, accessible Flower Exercise 

    to guide and inspire your reflections and discoveries.

    Reconnect with who you really are
    and with what really matters to you.

    And take  this authentic snapshot as  
    your basis  to create the life you love.

    And receive my free Tips to Create a Life You Love emails
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  8. 3 Essentials to Give to Yourself – and 3 to Give to Others

    Balancing our own needs with those of others in our personal or professional life can be tricky. Like all balance, this one too can easily get out of kilter, as we get swept into looking after others, or drawn into attending to our own inner processes. If you feel that you’re giving too much to others, or perhaps not enough, this post will help. Read on to discover my 3 essentials to focus on in giving to yourself and others…Read-more

  9. How to Know What You Want

    What readers say about this book

    vari mcluskie smallVari McLuskie, Director of Verve Consulting and Founder of Inner Edge Mindfulness:

    “Feeling submerged in your own life? Not sure what you want anymore? Then invest in following the wise and skilful invitations offered in this delightful short e-book.

    Monica’s joyful and caring energy emanates from every page. Monica gives you the inspiration to search for a more happy and wholesome life. Follow these steps to unleash energy and vitality you never knew


  10. What’s Your Excuse for Not Living a Life You Love?

    What readers say about this book

    car photo web smallCarole Ann Rice, Life Coaching Author and Happy Monday Columnist for the Daily Express:

    “Monica Castenetto has a reassuring and wise voice throughout this book, which lends support, succour and a sense of being in safe hands. This book gently urges you to find your path and realise the joy of being in your flow – when life, love and all that comes your way feels easier, more joyful, and not something you