My name is Monica Castenetto. I’m a Change Catalyser.

I believe that we all have an important desire to express ourselves fully in our life. And that it’s never too late to do that, and change our life for the better – no matter how stuck or constrained we feel.

In my life I have been through many changes – some happened to me, and others I chose. I expect this to continue as I keep living, learning and growing. But I’m also a Change Expert professionally: I’ve had a successful, international, decade-long career in

Change Management Consulting, helping global organisations and their people create change in their business.

Then I had an early mid-life crisis, at 33.

And I changed my life completely, embarking on a search for my true calling and a more balanced life-style. I wanted to explore and express aspects of myself beyond the business woman. And create a life that felt right for who I really was.

I’ve had an amazing, unconventional journey, living in three countries and working in over ten. Partnered up at times, and walking solo at others. And enjoying extensive experiences in the worlds of science, business, languages, photography, dance and choreography, writing of all kinds, singing and performance, yoga, psychology and self-development, as well as diverse spiritual philosophies.

I’ve lived through the ups and downs, the joys and fears, the excitement and uncertainty of my changes. And found my own, unique way through.

I learnt that being able to flow freely with my energy, with joy and ease, is vitally important in my life. So are variety and creative expression. And balancing out all the different aspects of my life. I also recognised that catalysing change – taking the fear out of it, and making it happen with ease – is one of my greatest talents. It’s close to my very essence and to what I’m truly about.

Today, my passion is to help others change their life – I feel absolutely privileged for it! I’ve created my own method for helping those stuck and dissatisfied in their life discover and create a life that is true to who they really are. And make the changes they need with ease, in order to make that life happen for real.

So they can be more joyful, fulfilled and satisfied again!

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