Hi, I’m Monica Castenetto.

I am a Change Catalyser: Coach and Consultant, Workshop LeaderBlogger and Author on all things to do with making changes and living a life you love. I believe we all have a desire to live an authentic, purposeful, joyful life that’s right for who we are. I myself have been through many changes on my way to find and create the life I love. They inform my work today. (Read my story)

My contribution to this world is to help women at mid life who feel lost or stuck in a rut, and want to change their life, yet are unsure how or have lost confidence. (This was before my ladies started referring their husbands, brothers, and male friends to me, anyway!)

I help them re-connect with what they truly want, and guide them as they discover the life they love to live – and make the changes they need in order to live it with ease, purpose and joy.

I work in both structured and intuitive ways, offering insight, practical strategies and tools, and empathetic support – so my clients can feel both inspired, as well as confident and centred on their journey into the life they love.

Welcome to my Blog On Life and Change!

Here, I share my own and others’ real life stories, practical tips and approaches from my practice, as well as reflections, insights and inspiration on how to create change and live a life you love.

My aim is to help you observe, think and feel. And share things with you which you can easily put into practice in your everyday life, to make it better, and make it  feel more yours.

So that you can feel more purposeful, joyful, vibrant and alive, and live your life more happily and fully.

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Practical, insightful, inspiring. Directly to your email box. Along with the occasional special offer and goodies only available to subscribers.

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