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My name is Monica, and I am a Student of Life, Coach and Author on all things to do with finding your way, living a life you love and making easeful changes towards this.

I believe we all have a desire to live an authentic, purposeful, joyful life that feels right for who we are.

I myself have been on quite a search and have made many changes on my way to find and create the life I love. I have also been a facilitator, coach and consultant of change processes professionally for nearly twenty years. (Read my story)

That’s why I know that life isn’t a seamless, linear, upwards curve all the time. Sometimes we can end up in strange places – even when things look good on the surface – where we just know that what we have isn’t right for us anymore. And we feel ourselves get increasingly overwhelmed, dissatisfied, frustrated, unmotivated, or even disconcerted, worried, scared or stressed.

Does this resonate with you? Are you…

Feeling lost or stuck in a rut?

Perhaps you’re drained by a deadening 9-5 routine, or feel you’re treading water in your own life, waiting for don’t-know-what.

Perhaps you don’t feel yourself anymore, or cannot see yourself positively anymore, and are wondering how you’ve ended up in this life.

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Perhaps you’re desperate for something else or something different, yet you don’t know what, nor how to find out. And each of your friends seems to have another opinion about that.

If  you know you want to make changes, but are scared of it at the same time: I can help you.
If you’re worried about moving forward because you might make the wrong decisions: I can help you.
If you’ve lost your way (and your confidence): I can help you.

Because I’ve been there myself, a number of times. And I expect to experience that place again, as I move forward in life.

Sometimes, life is like that.

It seems to me that crossroads and being lost are part of becoming our true selves, and growing into our full potential on this earth, because they force us to keep looking for and find what’s right for us at any stage of our life. So we keep moving forward. And being stuck in a rut might well help propel us to seek positive change in our life, when we get to a point when we just can’t bear it any longer.

So please don’t feel bad if you’re in that place now.

Because I have found my way through it, to discover my calling and live a life I love: not perfect, not all-singing-all-dancing, not challenge-free – but a life that’s utterly mine, and right for who I truly am. And in which I’m happy from within.

My clients have done the same. And so can you!

My passion is to help you find your way…

…and inspire you to discover and create a life you love.

I have a unique talent to help you reconnect with who you truly are. Open to ideas you’ve not thought of before. Find out – creatively – what you really want in life. And easefully make the practical changes you need in order to get moving towards. So you can live a life you love, and live it well, with purpose and joy.

I feel at my best when I’m guiding, accompanying, inspiring and witnessing you as you work and live through this process. Through my coaching, writing, listening and speaking I offer you insights and structure, practical strategies and tools, as well as experience share and empathetic and warm support.

And I love to watch over you and support you, as you find your next vision and start creating real, tangible change in your life.

So you can be happier and more satisfied with your life again.

And so I can watch you fly and thrive and live a life you love again. There’s nothing I enjoy more!

Welcome to my blog – or, our blog, rather!

My intention with this blog is to inspire, encourage and support you – and as many people as possible, really! –  in making positive life changes and living a life they love.

Here, I share my own and others people’s real life stories, practical tips and approaches from my practice, as well as reflections, insights, wisdom and inspiration on how to find your way, create affirming change and live a life you love.

I would love for you to get involved, too – reading, commenting, contributing – so we can make this truly our blog!

My aim is to inspire you to observe your life, your thoughts and your feelings, becoming more aware of where you’re at, what’s important to you, and what you really want. And I want to share ideas, experience, practical strategies and resources with you, which you can easily put into practice in your everyday life, to make it better and more yours.

That way, we can get through the tough times, learn and move our life forward together. That way, we can all feel more purposeful, joyful, vibrant and alive, and live more happily and more fully.

Because life isn’t always easy, and new crossroads, challenges and questions emerge for all of us all the time. Because sharing my reflections helps me get clearer on my own challenges and questions, so I can then help you better. And because, the more of us are purposefully and joyfully living a life we love, the better a place the world becomes…

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