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Don’t Be Positive (That’s Right!): The When and Why

We all love to be positive and attract beautiful things into our life. In our modern society, positivity has become a diktat.

But what do we do when life batters us badly, and we’ve nowhere to go with our pain? Read on to find out why telling ourselves or others to Lighten up! when we’re in pain is cruel, why we need to re-learn NOT to be (always instantly) positive, and how to really reap the gifts of tough experience.Read-more

How to Create a Clean Slate – My 7 Tried and Tested Ways

When your life starts looking and feeling like an out-of control Einsteinian equation, and you’re running ’round in circles trying to sort stuff out and make things better, you might find yourself longing to just drop everything. Create a clean slate. And start afresh.  

Easier said than done… Read my experience from a year of doing that and learn how to create a clean slate in your life. So that the New, the Next and the Fresh may come in!Read-more

When It’s Time for a Clean Slate

Maybe your in-tray at work is overflowing. Your home is crammed full of stuff you never get ’round to sort through. Or perhaps you’ve had a big experience you’ve not digested yet. 

When life (or we ourselves) deal us more than we can process, it’s time to stop and catch up. Do the sorting, cleaning and clearing. Create a clean slate, and then start afresh. Read on to find out why, and why you only have to gain from it!Read-more

5 Simple Ways to Be(come) More Authentic

Do you feel that you’re living to please others? Are you stuck in a life that doesn’t feel like you? Do you wish you could be more fully  and uniquely yourself ?

Being authentic can be scary, yet it is very freeing, too. Being the Real You in your life will also help you love your life more. And others will like and trust you more for it, too!

Read on to discover 5 simple ways to be(come) more Read-more

16 things to do when you’re in a hiatus in your life

Are you in an in-between place in your life? The lack of clarity, direction, goals or visible progress a hiatus can bring can make it seem like we’ve been paused, halted, held back. And the uncertainty about our future can prey on our mind and make our hiatus an uncomfortable place to be. But don’t despair: Read on to find out why a hiatus experience is normal and valuable. And discover 16 ways of living through it with more ease!Read-more

3 Essentials to Give to Yourself – and 3 to Give to Others

Balancing our own needs with those of others in our personal or professional life can be tricky. Like all balance, this one too can easily get out of kilter, as we get swept into looking after others, or drawn into attending to our own inner processes. If you feel that you’re giving too much to others, or perhaps not enough, this post will help. Read on to discover my 3 essentials to focus on in giving to yourself and others…Read-more

3 Ways to Clarity – And my Take on Forrest Gump

Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball. Or just be too full of stuff. And we end up overwhelmed, and confused. We wish we could be clear about what’s going on, or about what to do. But we’re not. Rather, we feel like we’re in a sand storm. And the clarity we long for seems miles and miles away… Read on for my tried-and-tested tips to make it through the sand storm – and help you get clear again!Read-more

3 Ways to Slow Down and Live at a Right Pace

Modern life in industrialised societies has become very fast. Subjected to a constant barrage of information, interactions, and opportunities from all over the world, at all times, many of us are feeling the overwhelm, and the stress and strain of it. I believe that slowing down, and living life at a pace that feels right for you, is the number one thing you can do to make your life happier.

Read on to discover 3 ways to do just Read-more

The Number One Thing to Get Right for a Happy Life

I won’t give it away here… Read on to find out what it is! 🙂

I’ve long felt that my life was too fast.

When I worked in management consulting, we used to pride ourselves on getting a lot done in a short time. We were bright, fast thinkers. We wanted to be one step ahead of our clients, in order to advise them well. We were leading fast-paced change projects alongside them – role-modelling efficiency and productivity – so … Read-more

Got Personal Development Fatigue? Do this!

Fed up with aspirational, inspirational, motivational statements egging you on to constant personal development and self-improvement? Tired of always working on yourself, trying (and often failing) to be more, bigger and better, in a never-ending chase of that next level of growth? Had enough of constantly positive thinking? Disillusioned with the results you’ve obtained (or not)?

It sounds to me like you’ve got PDFPersonal Development Fatigue. Here’s a remedy – read on to find out Read-more

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