Turning 50

10 reasons why 50 is the perfect time to change your life

How are you feeling about being or turning 50? Daunted at the ‘Big 5-O’ ushering in thoughts of retirement and gentle decline into old age? Or excited about potentially the start of your best years?

Realising you’ve been around for half a century can feel like a watershed, particularly if you’re not where you were hoping to be in your life. And yet: Find out why there’s never been a better time to make positive life changes than for 50-somethings. Read-more

Want to leave the corporate rut? 11 practices to help you actually do it

Dear Seasoned and Successful Corporate Professional:

Has your job or career become a straitjacket? Do you ever wonder what else you’d discover in life, if you had the time to actually explore it? Or what it would be like to work at your pace, or do your thing? 

If you’ve been thinking, dreaming, fantasizing, even talking about leaving the corporate world – yet have never done anything about it: Here are 11 practices that will help you leave. For Read-more

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