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What’s Living a Life You Love got to do with the corporate world? A lot!

life-coach-twickenhamDear HR, Learning & Development, Talent or Team Manager

My name is Monica Castenetto. I have been an Executive Management Consultant helping large multinational corporations create change for over a decade, and I know both the buzz and the pressures of the corporate world.

Today, I’m a Change Consultant and Coach, working with professional women (and an increasing number of men) when they come to a point where they feel stuck and unhappy in life and / or work.

I help them:

  • evaluate how they live and work
  • learn about themselves and reconnect with what’s important to them
  • renew their vision and direction for life and work
  • create a life that works better for them – a life they love –
    by making focused, appropriate, practical changes in their personal or professional life.

So they can feel happier, more satisfied, and more balanced. And, in turn, be more productive, engaged, and effective at work.

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The Benefits Case: Happiness and productivity are linked

Boosting productivity and sales through employee happiness

Live a Life You Love Corporate Coaching and Consulting


The vast majority of adults doesn’t enjoy their work

We live in a technologically connected, fast-paced, multinational working world that is getting increasingly demanding on leaders and workers at all levels in terms of working hours, availability, response to customers, or service.

For professional women in particular, these pressures are often compounded by prejudices and double-standard judgments on looks and behaviours, glass ceilings to top positions, isolation from male-dominated professional and social networks, and family responsibilities added by modern society expectations that women should be able to ‘have it all’ – family, partner, children, and a high-flying career.

Perhaps it’s not so surprising then that a recent global Gallup survey found only 13% of employees are actually engaged at work – as in psychologically committed to their jobs, and likely to make positive contributions to their organisations. And the 2013 State of the American Workplace Report estimated that extensive disinterest and discontent in professional life not only impacted companies’ performance, but also cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year.

Happiness in life and work matters – to employees and corporations. Because:

Happy workers are more productive, creative and collaborative

Research has shown that human happiness is inextricably linked to performance and productivity. And financial incentives aren’t enough to make for a highly productive work force:

A study conducted at Warwick University showed that happiness in workers led to a 12% productivity spike, whereas unhappy workers proved 10% less productive. Creativity and collaboration also increased, as happiness makes our brains work better.

A Harvard Business Review analysis of hundreds of studies shows that there’s value in happy employees: Productivity was 31% higher on average; sales were 37% higher and creativity three times higher.


There’s an opportunity for companies to increase their productivity through employee happiness

The opportunity lies in making their workplaces emotionally and physically healthy for their workforce. And investing in employees’ welfare, and life and workplace happiness.

More research is needed to determine which practices are most successful in keeping everyone happy and productive and generating the desired outcomes.

But the burden needn’t be on employers alone: Employees, too, can boost their own happiness by changing the way they live and work for the better.


Live a Life You Love Corporate Coaching and Consulting is a way for corporations to boost employee happiness and productivity

shift in workSupport your current or future leaders, junior talent, and employees in key roles when they get to a point where they’re overwhelmed by the multiple demands of the modern working world and frantic modern life. When they feel stuck or unhappy with where they are in life or work. Or when they simply want to learn and develop themselves as they work to make their job, and their life, a success.

In six one-to-one sessions over 3 months, they will:

  • evaluate their life and work happiness
  • renew their understanding of who they are and what really matters to them
  • evaluate their priorities in life and work
  • create their next vision and direction
  • create a roadmap for moving to where they want to be
  • start making specific, appropriate, effective, real-life changes to their
    personal and professional life to create the life and work that is right for them

Corporate Coaching and Consulting packages tailored to your company’s and employees’ needs are available.

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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