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Why Change Is Hard (And What We Can Do About It)

Interactive, inspiring and practical workshop for Managers, internal Counselors and Coaches, and HR Professionals. Suitable as continued professional development.

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British Airways Crew Care and Wellbeing Teams. Heart Twickenham. Internations.

Why a Change Workshop?

different than expectedChange is inevitable in life as in work. Sometimes it is sprung onto us, unexpectedly, and all we can do is cope with the consequences.

But we can also be proactive, and initiate a change we want ourselves, to improve our life or work.

Having the idea for such a change is relatively easy – but making it happen can be quite tricky: It’s all too easy to find ourselves losing courage or motivation, procrastinating or putting things off! (And there’s good reasons for that.)

And yet: Successfully following through and really making a change we want happen is a skill we can learn – and it’s of increasing importance in today’s ever-changing life and work environment.

What your team will get

ba ws 2 160316 sqThis workshop is perfect to motivate, inspire, educate or upskill teams of Managers, Internal Counselors and Coaches, HR Professionals or other internal support roles in this important skill.

So they can be more effective and balanced in life and work. And so they can better help their internal and external clients.

More specifically, they will:

  • Learn about what stands in our way to making real, positive changes happen in our life.
  • Understand what we’re afraid of, and why we’re making excuses.
  • Find out why even our psychology doesn’t help us – and what chocolate’s got to do with that.
  • Explore where this is affecting them or their clients or team members, and the changes they want to create in life or work.
  • Look at some of the conditions for successful personal change.
  • And be guided to finding their very own solutions and practical actions towards the change they want to create in life or work.

Drawing on content from behavioural psychology, neuroscience and my own decade-and-a-half-long coaching and consulting experience with both individuals and organisations, this workshop is a great way to pick up useful tips, resources and approaches. Discuss how to use this knowledge for self and clients. And share experience, too!

What participants say about this workshop

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This is a half-day workshop (4 hours, with break) for up to 15 people.

Extracts of it can also be delivered as a 60mins presentation.

A meeting room with projector, screen and flip chart will be required.

A workshop fee plus travel expenses apply.

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