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Make the change(s) you want in your life

You’re ready to change your life? (If you don’t know, do my quiz) You’ve got a rough idea of where you want to go – or just need a little bit of help on this? Or you’ve just completed my Discover the Life You Love coaching and want to continue with my support?

Get going and keep going making real, tangible, noticeable changes. And start creating, building, and living the life you love – step by step, at your pace.

I’ll be on your side to help you find your way, get over any stumbling blocks, keep you motivated, inspired, and on track, and help you make adjustments.

So you can stress less, change with ease, and live the life you want, and feel more positive, confident, happy and fulfilled.

Why not book yourself weekly or fortnightly support with my Create the Life You Love coaching, as needed, over the next 1 to 6 months? 

What is it?

from frazzled to purpose

It’s a tailored one-to-one coaching programme offering 4, 8 or 12 weekly or fortnightly sessions  of my change support over one to six months, helping you to make your life change(s) with ease. And live a life of joy and purpose that is right for you.

Whether you want to work less, and more flexibly. Change your work altogether. Launch your own business. Spend more time with your family. Have more fun and adventure in your life. Find your soul mate. Or live a happy single’s life. Travel the world. Look after yourself better. Do up your home. Or sell it, and move to the sea side.

This programme will help you:

  • Set the direction and roadmap for your change – clear and right for you.
  • Work through the practicalities of your life change: Money, resources, time, help…
  • Continuously take real, appropriate, step-by-step actions.
  • enjoyed the processResolve unforeseen events, difficulties or road blocks along the way.
  • Celebrate progress, and deal with changes of plan or mind, if need be.
  • Get continuity and positive re-enforcement.
  • Stay focused, keep your vision alive, and stick with your change process.
  • Cut through confusion, inertia and fear, keeping up motivation, a positive mindset and confidence.
  • Take accountability for your change.

So you can gradually build and create the life you love- with ease and less stress. And feel joyful, happier and more fulfilled. For real.

Your investment?

4 x 60min sessions over 1 or 2 months:      £600

8 x 60min sessions over 2 or 4 months:  £1,000

12 x 60min sessions over 1 or 2 months:  £1,200

Deposit up front required. Balance payable in monthly instalments. All moneys non-refundable, and commitment to the whole programme required.

sense of progress

You’ll get:

  • Your Set Your Direction  tool to complete before sessions start
  • 4, 8 or 12 x 60min sessions with me, weekly or fortnightly, over 1-6 months – locally face to face, or via Skype
  • Possibility to upgrade
  • Exclusive access to my Life Change Toolbox, full of thought-provoking, inspiring, powerful, effective tools to support and accelerate your life change
  • Progress-tracking and trouble-shooting to suit you
  • Tailored homework if you wish
  • Email contact between sessions as and when needed


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Inspired to work with me? Have questions?

That’s great – why don’t we have a chat? I’d love to speak to you, as it’s important to me that we’re a good match. That my coaching is right for what you want in your life. And that I’m the right person to help you with this. (And, by the way, it’s ok if we find out that I’m not.)

You’re serious about discovering and creating a life that is right for you? You know you cannot do that on your own? Then book your initial call with me now – it’s free! We’ll talk about where you’re at and what you want to do. We’ll clarify your questions. Work out if and how we can best work together. And get the ball rolling.



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