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Small tweak – big impact

Have you got a niggle in your life?

Something that isn’t quite right and hampers your flow or enjoyment, or makes life unnecessarily difficult?

Perhaps you feel like you’re walking with a little gritty pebble in your shoe? Or like you’re the princess and the pea?

You might not know exactly what the niggle is about. But you suspect that a few tweaks would improve things greatly for you. Yet you don’t know what those might be, nor where to start.  

Then why not book your Life Booster coaching with me?

What is it?

It’s a single coaching session helping you to:

  • Quickly review your life overall and identify where your niggle is.
  • Get clear on where you stand with it.
  • Find your very own ideas for making tweaks to your life that will improve or resolve your niggle.
  • Identify the ones that will help you most.
  • Come away knowing exactly what you need to do to make your tweaks.

So you get a quick, practical and motivational boost, and can be happier with your life again.

Because we don’t always have to completely revolutionise our life to feel better – small tweaks can go a long way, too!

Your investment?


Payable up front and non-refundable.

This includes:

  • Your Mini Life Assessment tool to complete before your first session
  • One 60 min session with me – face to face if you’re local, or via Skype
  • Brief written session summary

Read what my clients say about working with me

Inspired to work with me? Have questions?

That’s great – why don’t we have a chat? I’d love to speak to you, as it’s important to me that we’re a good match. That my coaching is right for what you want in your life. And that I’m the right person to help you with this. (And, by the way, it’s ok if we find out that I’m not.)

You’re serious about discovering and creating a life that is right for you? You know you cannot do that on your own? Then book your initial call with me now – it’s free!

We’ll talk about where you’re at and what you want to do. We’ll clarify your questions. Work out if and how we can best work together. And get the ball rolling.



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