Life Masterclasses

Dear Group Leaders in organisations, charities, health & wellness centres, and private associations:

Is your group in need of a boost, or a bit of inspiration?

Or simply interested in living life to the full, and be all that they can be?

Then our Life Masterclasses – held at your premises – are for you!  See classes and topics

Offer your group the opportunity to explore important life topics such as

  • Making goals work for you
  • Restoring your flow when you’re stuck
  • Getting back to balance when you’ve dropped off
  • Growing your confidence
  • Choosing a positive attitude
  • Making strong decisions
  • Easing stress

and more.

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Book our friendly, fun group workshops at your premises and let your people be inspired. Get a boost of positive energy. Learn new approaches and take away practical actions to what they’re struggling with – that they can put into practice immediately, and make a difference to them and their life.

 See classes and topics

Where, when and your investment

Each Life Masterclass is 120 mins long and suited for a group of up to 15 people.

It will be held at your premises. You’ll need to provide a suitable meeting room with flip chart, a projector and screen.

Available topics are outlined below. Additional topics can be created specifically for your group.

Your investment for one Life Masterclass is £300 plus travel expenses. Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

Email Monica now to discuss your requirements – thank you!

To read what attendees say about the Life Masterclasses click here .


Life Masterclasses Topics

To read what attendees say about the Masterclasses click here .

Grow Your Confidence

Confidence is not something we’re either born with or not. We can have it sometimes, yet not all the time. Or in certain areas, yet not in others. Confidence fluctuates. And where it’s low or not existent, it can be restored or built up. Learn how you can do this, discover confidence-building practices, and take away specific steps for YOUR growth in this area! email Monica to discuss your requirements

Choose Positive

Is your glass half full or half empty? Preferring to focus on the positive is more than a natural inclination – it is a choice. Learn about the benefits of a consciously positive attitude – and why choosing positive is not always easy. Experiment with different strategies, and take away your own Survival Checklist for tough times. email Monica to discuss your requirements

Set Direction, Not Goals

Stressed out by the idea ‘goals’? Don’t be a ‘goals-victim’: Share your experience with goals. Discover where they can be useful, and where they can be harmful. Learn to set direction in a way that works for you. And find your first steps to move towards this.  email Monica to discuss your requirements

Stuck? How to Restore Your Flow

Feeling stuck or stagnant? Want to make a change in your life, but not much is moving right now? Happens to all of us. Learn why this is ok, and even important. Find out how to be with it peacefully and constructively. Share your experience, and experiment with different ways to regain your flow.  email Monica to discuss your requirements

Overwhelmed? Get Back to Balance 

Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by your life right now? Wish you could balance yourself out better, yet don’t know how? Share your experience. Discover different ways of looking at balance. Find the one that works for you, and take away practical tips and your own actions to establish the balance that is right for YOU in YOUR life! email Monica to discuss your requirements

Thank you for your interest – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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