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Participants Feedback for the Workshop
“Why Change Is Hard”

British Airways Crew Care and Wellbeing Teams, March 2016

ba ws 2 160316 sq“Fantastic, informative and insightful workshop – thoroughly enjoyed it, and the time passed too quickly!”

“So much useful stuff here I can apply immediately! And comforting to hear what Monica has to say on the subject. The content she shared, her kind and supportive words, warm and friendly manner and infectious laugh have given me hope. I’m encouraged to keep going, and reminded to trust the process of change and growth. Thanks you very much, Monica!”

“Learning that change can be liberating and exciting enabled me to regain my role and power as an adult, as opposed to succumbing to fear. My change has just become easier!”

“Excellent workshop – I could have listened to more and feel very motivated to read up about the subject, following Monica’s useful tools and resources.”

“Thank you for reminding us that fear is ok with change (that in fact there is no fear without change), and giving us specific tools to deal with that. Great anecdotes and illustrations you shared, Monica – and well done for being such a great role model for change and growth!”


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