Praise for Workshops, Life Masterclasses and Retreats

How to Find YOUR Life Balance

Workshop at Curves Hampton/Teddington, 22 September 2016 

curves-wsWhat participants said about the workshop:

“I learnt that life’s balance varies, and that it’s ok. And I came away feeling positive and motivated, and clear about my own way of adjusting my balance – one step at a time. Excellent!”

“So good to look at the different areas of my life, understand the balance I want, and seeing how the balance I’ve got right now is different from that. I know now to accept what I cannot change, and what to do about what I can change. Thanks Monica for a great workshop!”

“Really positive, encouraging thoughts – a really insightful and enjoyable workshop. I’m feeling motivated to start working towards my balance from today!”

“Loved hearing other participants stories, and realised that other people are looking for answers just like me. Came away feeling so much better than before the workshop – thank you!”                top

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How to Make Your Change Happen

Workshop at Heart Twickenham, 21 June 2016

Feedback from participant RM, SW London: Made two major moves towards her vision – in a relaxed way

“Before I attended the workshop with Monica, I was quite uptight about accomplishing my vision; I felt frustrated and stressed that I wasn’t moving toward it quickly enough.

Then, during the workshop, I started to relax, with Monica talking through and visually highlighting some simple tools we can use in making changes happen in our life.

Monica simply made me realise that our change journey to where we want to be in our life doesn’t have to be rigid; it may not always go to plan, and our vision may change along the way. And that’s ok.

I felt a sudden release of the pressure I had been putting on myself. I left the workshop on quite a high, and over the next week I made two major moves that brought me nearer to my vision!

The impact on my life in the mid to longer term is still to be felt fully, but I can now see the light, and am very clear about how I can reach my vision.

On my follow-up call with Monica, we discussed how to keep my motivation and momentum going. Monica again came up with some very simple tools that I’ve already found very useful.

It’s very reassuring to know that I now have a connection with Monica as I know there will be some challenges along my way. I will definitely be reaching out to Monica for further guidance!”          top

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Overwhelmed? Back to Balance

Life Masterclass at Heart Twickenham, 2016

Feedback from participants

“I came away from the Masterclass feeling that balance IS possible, and equipped with great concepts and specific things I can do in my own life, so I can move myself back to balance – thank you, Monica!”

“I’ve realised that small changes are just as important as big changes – it just all helps to get on that journey again!”

“What a lovely, supportive group to share experience and learn with – and a warm, positive, fun atmosphere – loved it!”

“Great to draw out my life balance in charts – seeing visually what my balance looks like now, and comparing it to what I want it to look like. This was very powerful and allowed me to find specific things I can do right now in order to move that way.”
“I was intrigued by the idea of expanding and contracting different areas of my life in order to create my balance – and the workshop has helped me identify simple ways for me to do that.”    top

Stuck? How to Regain Your Flow

Life Masterclass at Heart Twickenham, 2016

Feedback from participants

“I came into the Masterclass feeling ‘8-out-of-10’ stuck… By the end of it my feeling stuck had decreased to 5!”

“I really enjoyed asking myself Monica’s questions to get to the root of my stuckness – while walking! “

“I realised that I can make the choice to try something new, or change my thoughts, or, in fact, my life.”

“Loved sharing my experience and hear from others – I felt supported and got lots of ideas.”

“Thinking of a time when I was in flow helped me connect with what that’s like. It reminded me that I can regain that, too.”

“I’m going to be less judgmental with myself and not listen to that little voice in me anymore that says I can’t do it!”  top

How not to be a goals victim

Life Masterclass at Heart Twickenham, 2016

Feedback from participants

“Great to voice our goals, intentions, aspirations, dreams and wishes – first step towards making them real.”

“Goals don’t have to be a scary word!”
“Loved sharing our practices and rituals around setting direction with others.”
“I learnt how to break my intentions down into small steps I can start doing immediately – this makes it all much more manageable.”
“I can actually take it easier with my goals if I want to – and not feel guilty about it!”           top

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Transform Your Life

Winter Coaching & Yoga Weekend Retreat at Oxon Hoath, 20-22 Feb 2015

with Life Coach Monica Castenetto and Yoga Teacher Muriel Mueller

Feedback from participant BT, Teddington: Now feeling inspired, re-energised, liberated

“Couldn’t have expected more from this retreat – It was a wonderful get-away! The yoga and life coaching worked perfectly as a combination. Oxon Hoath was a stunning place and ideal for taking time out and feeling inspired and re-energised. Muriel and Monica formed the perfect duo and fed off each other brilliantly to provide a truly fun, thought-provoking, relaxing and liberating weekend. Thank you!”

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Beautiful ladies having fun transforming their lives

Feedback from participant TR, Weybridge: Rejuvenated, confident and determined

“A wonderful two days spent rejuvenating, and growing in confidence and determination, in order to set about achieving what I want out of life. Without Monica, Muriel and the wonderfully supportive and caring women in the group, I probably wouldn’t have as much faith in this process as I do now!”

What other participants got from the retreat:

“Confidence, clarity, friendship!”

“I came out with firmer foundations for my desired life outcome.”

“The support of Monica, Muriel and the group gave me a lot of confidence!”

“I got focus, inspiration, new ideas and plans for how to make them real – I can and I will – cannot wait! 🙂 “

“Really great to take intentional time to plan what’s next in my life – change doesn’t happen by accident…”

“It helped me make a breakthrough I hadn’t fully realised I needed.”

Impressions from Oxon Hoath Winter Retreat

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