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Monica Castenetto is a Change Catalyser: Blogger and AuthorSpeaker and Workshop Leader on all things to do with making change happen, and discovering, creating and living a life you love – a life that is authentic, joyful and distinctly yours. Read Monica’s story

Monica’s first book, What’s Your Excuse For Not Living A Life You Love?, is a supportive, friendly and wise book full of insights and practical tips for gently getting beyond your excuses, becoming exactly who you are meant to be, and living a life that is right for you.

Her free eBook, How to Know What You Want – 10 Ways in 10 Days, is available here.


Monica contributes to press, articles and publications

She provides quotes and wisdom, tips and advice, step-by-step guides, guest blogs and articles, comments and stories on:

  • life purpose, direction and path
  • crossroads, life changes and ‘what next?’
  • getting moving again when you’re stuck in a rut
  • finding out what you want in life – and how to get it
  • being authentic – be(coming) your real self
  • creating change in your life and really making it happen
  • getting over procrastination, fear or resistance to a life change
  • getting through tough times in life
  • growing your confidence
  • being your best self and living your life well

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Recent publications and features

Woman & Home, Feel Good You Magazine, Autumn 2017:
Make Your Future Fabulous

Click here to read the article featuring Monica’s expertise on how to re-discover a sense of purpose in your life when life derails you.

Zen Divorce TV: August 2017:
First Steps to Creating a Life You Love After Divorce

Click here to see the video of Monica’s conversation with Divorce Coach Margaret Yates about finding your joy and creating a life you love after a divorce.

Woman & Home, Feel Good You Magazine, New Year 2017:
Are You Secretly Stuck?

Click here to read the article featuring Monica’s expertise on how to find your way out of being stuck in a rut in your life.

Woman & Home, July 2016:
When Life Is Not So Fabulous

Click here to read the article featuring Monica’s Top Tips for getting through the not-so-fabulous times in our life.

Omni Local, Issue 44, July 2016:
Local Business Owner in the Spotlight

Click here to read 8 questions about Monica’s Change Consulting – and Monica’s answers to them, as well!

Woman & Home, February 2016:
What If You Don’t Know What You Want?

Click here to see an article featuring Monica’s story and her Top Tips for finding out what you want in life.

TWMag, February 2015: 
5 Confidence Strategies to Ask Someone Out

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Surrey Advertiser, October 2014:
Fabulous Women Fundraiser

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TWMag, August 2014: 
That Summer Feeling

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The Coaching Academy, PS Online, July 2013: 
Top 5 Ingredients of a Life You Love

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