Talks On Life and Change

DSC_2947Could you use a bit of a boost, uplift or inspiration?

A fresh way of looking at life?

A bit of practical help with a change you want to create in your life – or getting through a change that’s hit you out of the blue?

Or perhaps you just fancy quick, useful tips for living life more fully – living a life you love?

If you want to come away feeling positive, inspired, and full of ideas, then:

My Talks on Life and Change are for you 

They are inspiring, insightful, engaging. Dynamic and fun. Practical and real. Based on psychology, neuroscience, practical life philosophies and – yes – life experience. They’re also flexible and adjustable in length, and suited to be combined with a group coaching or facilitated discussion session.

So prepare to participate. Share your experience and hear that of others. Learn something new. Question what’s going on for you. Have your very own Lightbulb-Moment. Take away practical tools and insights to help you with your life and your change.

And leave uplifted, energised and motivated.

joy webberJoy Webber, Director at Balanced World, London:

“Heard a truly dynamic talk from Monica on how we create excuses to stay within our comfort zone. Well, not after that, I can tell you! Thought-provoking and energising.”

More praise

Current Talks on Life and Change

The talk you would love is not here? It can easily be created. Contact me now to discuss your requirements.

WYE-live-fc-rgb sep 15 sqWhat’s Your Excuse for Not Living a Life You Love?

Learn what excuses are, why we make them, and what to do to overcome them.

Find out more about my friendly, inspiring and practical book on the subject.

DSC_1028squareWhy Making Change Happen Is Hard (And What To Do About It) 

Learn about what we’re afraid of. What stands in our way. And why even our psychology doesn’t help us (and what chocolate’s got to do with it). Then pick up my top tips for making YOUR change happen – and leave motivated to try them out! Watch a short (10mins) version of this talk

3things about change pic3 Things I Learnt About Change 

Sharing my experience with change in my own life, on my journey towards the work I love: 3 learnings to inspire you to embrace change in your own life, and move through it with more ease and less stress.

DSC_1870sq s3 Simple Ways to Discover the Life You Love

Is your life FAB? Or is it DRAB? And how much do you love your life right now? Wherever you stand, learn about three simple ways to discover the life you truly love to live!

The ImportaDSC_2084 smnce of Being Stuck
(And How to Get Back Into Flow)

About those times when we feel stuck and stagnant in our lives. Why they are important. How to be with that peacefully and constructively. And how to gently get back into flow.

help smAllow Yourself to Be Helped

We may pride ourselves of our independence. Or think that accepting help is a sign of weakness. We celebrate ‘Can Do’ people who seem to manage everything single-handedly. But what if we look beyond all that, acknowledging that no one can do it all on their own? What if we allow ourselves to be helped?

goals victimHow NOT to Be a Goals Victim

Tips for taking the stress out of goals, turn them into intentions and use them to support you in getting where you want to be!*

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