Updated on May 21st, 2019

I’m Monica Castenetto.
I’m a life coach and consultant, change expert, author of Living a Life You Love, Yoga practitioner, photographer and singer of soulful and spiritual songs.  I believe that living an authentic, purposeful life that is right for who we really are is crucially important for our physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. So we can come into our own, and be happier, healthier and more satisfied through life’s inevitable ups and downs. And therefore better able to give back to others and the world.

This is particularly significant around midlife, in our forties and fifties, when we have a lot to offer.

With my work and this website I want to inspire, encourage and support you to live YOUR life with joy and purpose. And help you make YOUR changes into a life YOU love, with ease.

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Life Coaching and Consulting

Best next step

Overwhelmed, confused  and stuck in your life?

Find your best next step with this short programme. And get unstuck, move forward, feel happier.

Tweak with ease

Know you want to tweak your life but keep putting it off? Make real change with ease with this flexible programme. Feel the benefit quickly and start living a life you love.

Reinvent yourself

At a midlife crossroads or transition? Want a more joyful and meaningful life? Take stock with this comprehensive programme. Reconnect with your real self and reinvent your life.

Soul conversations

Tired of superficial social media chat? Soul conversations are about real connection and presence. Open, conscious, respectful exchanges about what matters. Feed your soul!

Discover Monica’s book – and what readers say about it

Live a Life You Love

Stuck in a rut? Living a life you don’t love? Want change, but it’s not happening? If you’ve been making excuses, let this friendly, inspiring and motivating book help you overcome them. Full of insights and practical tips for getting beyond your excuses and becoming exactly who you’re meant to be. Buy your copy now

Carol Ann Rice

Life Coach, Author and Happy Monday Columnist for the Daily Express “Monica’s is a wise voice which lends support, succour and a sense of being in safe hands. This book gently urges you to find your path and realise the joy of being in your flow. Let it guide you to fearlessly reap the gift that is rightfully yours – your life.”

Andrea Encinas

Director of British Gospel Arts, Winner of Lady Hilary Growes Making Music Award “If we don’t make the change ourselves, change will make us. For Monica, it’s not about a perfect life, but about a life that is perfect for us. So take charge of uncovering, discovering or recovering a life that is truly yours! An easy to read, yet profound book full of practical wisdom.”

Jane Hardy

Director of Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men “Whether you want to change your life completely, or just want to make tweaks: This is the book for you! Down to earth, frankly awe-inspiring and full of inspiration, it wants you to know that you can live a life you love. Monica is one of the most fabulous and thought-provoking ladies I know!”

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