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  1. 40 Days with my Breath – Becoming Fearless

    In Kundalini Yoga, I’ve discovered the Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness* book. It’s given me insights into matters I want to develop further in my life: My connection to That Which Is Greater Than Us – God, or the Universe. Fear is one thing that cuts us off from it. The book offers exercises to master this – all about the breath – to be practiced daily for 40 days. This is my experience as I do this practice.Read-more

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  5. After divorce: First steps into a life you love

    Divorce – or a major break up – is one of the most stressful and traumatic life events that can happen to us. It dramatically changes our entire life and can take a great emotional toll. Then, once we’ve landed on the other side of it, a question emerges: What do we do with our life now? Divorce coach Margaret Yates asked me for advice on how to start living a life you love after divorce. Watch our conversation here…Read-more

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  8. My Hadrian’s Wall Adventure – or How I Became the Queen of the Pink Sandals

    Experiences are the essence of living a life you love. Experiences test us, challenge us, grow us and nourish our soul. Experiences bring us together. Big or small, pleasant, exciting, amazing or not – the key is to live them fully and consciously. Because they are our life. They teach us about ourselves. Experiences also give us stories to share, and this is the story of my adventure walking Hadrian’s Wall, when I became the Queen of the Pink Sandals. Read-more

  9. Should I Stay or Should I Go? 8 Questions to Help You Decide

    Some decisions are only for you to make. Like whether you should stay in a job, a relationship or a group – or not. Often, these decisions are not so clear-cut.

    Staying might mean putting up with irritation, forever wondering if we don’t owe ourselves better. And leaving might mean losing what’s good about our situation, as well as hurting someone. 

    So I’ve come up with 8 ways to get clear. Read on to learn about my best dilemma-busting questions…Read-more

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