Updated on November 5th, 2023

Find your best next step

Modern life can be busy, confusing, overwhelming. In mid life in particular, we can be prey to many responsibilities and obligations, juggling work, family – partner, children, elderly parents – home and finances. Not to mention, for us women, going through the menopause!

This short and sweet, quick-impact coaching package is for you if you:

  • Struggle with changed life or work circumstances
  • Feel confused, overwhelmed, adrift
  • Feel dissatisfied, as if you’re stuck on an endless treadmill
  • Want or need to move on but don’t know how
  • Don’t know where to turn or what to do next
  • Want to make changes, but don’t know where to start

It won’t sort out your entire life nor all issues you may face. But it will help you, in a single session with a short follow up, to:

  • Clarify what’s going on for you
  • Understand what’s most important for you to do now
  • Find your best next steps – at least one thing you can do right now that will get you started and make a difference to your life

120mins Best Next Step coaching session,
and 30mins follow up within one month:                                                                 £280

Payment in instalments is available. Please ask me about it!

Addional coaching session,
if you decide you want further support                                                                        £90

Your Best Next Step coaching includes:

  • Short guided Insight Questionnaire
  • 120mins Skype coaching session via Skype or Zoom
  • 30mins Skype follow-up session within one month
  • Email contact as needed
  • Free book “Live a Life You Love” written by Monica

” I needed to re-focus my mosaics practice, but blocks prevented me from moving to the next level. In just one session, Monica helped me understand that I am more driven by artistic development than commercial focus. This was a real light- bulb moment for me! I understood the type of work I wanted to focus on, and the day after my coaching session, I left the shop I had been in for years, and got my work into a gallery. I’m definitely on the right track now! I cannot recommend Monica enough. She is professional, sensitive, encouraging, has empathy and an infectious energy. If you are stuck or have a dilemma, do work with her and get your own lightbulb moment! ”  Rosanna Henderson, Founder Rosanna’s Mosaics


Interested? Inspired to work with me? Questions?

Great – why don’t we have a chat? I’d love to speak to you! It’s important to me that we’re a good match. That my coaching is right for you. And that I’m the right person to work with you. (And, by the way, it’s ok if we find out that I’m not.)

You’re serious about discovering and creating a life that is right for you? You know you cannot do that on your own? Then book an initial free call with me now. We’ll talk about where you stand and what you want to do. We’ll clarify any questions, work out if and how we can work together, and get the ball rolling!                                                                    top

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