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life-coach-twickenhamMy name is Monica Castenetto. I’m a Change Consultant with a corporate background and a subsequent independent career.

I believe that our happiness and performance in life and work are inextricably linked. That, the happier we are, and the more fulfilled we feel, the better we work, and the more value we create for the organisations we work for. I believe that, therefore, creating a life and work we love isn’t a luxury, but an essential aspect of our development and growth as human beings, employees, and leaders.

In fact, research shows that happy employees leading satisfying working and personal lives create high value for the corporations and companies they work at, too. (Click here to see why)

In my One-to-One Corporate Coaching, I can help your current and future leaders, your talent and your key employees create a life and work they love: Discover what that means for them, and make the changes needed in their professional and personal life in order to get there.

When they’re struggling, are feeling stuck, or are unhappy with where they are. Or when that’s simply the next step in their personal or professional development.

As a former corporate executive myself, I love helping talented professional women navigate the many pressures they face juggling a busy career with family responsibilities. And in doing that, I have discovered that many male executives my ladies referred to me actually face very similar challenges!

The results of my Live a Life You Love Corporate and Executive Caching and Consulting?

Happier, more satisfied, and more balanced people. High-value, more productive, engaged, and effective employees and leaders. And, ultimately, a more positive, creative and profitable business that people enjoy working in.

And because creating change has its challenges, I also share my expertise in making personal change happen – for real, in yourself, your work, or your life – in the form of Corporate Workshops and Talks, suitable for groups of up to 15 people.

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