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Updated on July 10th, 2018

Sometimes, our life gets out of synch with who we are…

…and we find ourselves experiencing a vague unease, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Perhaps we realise we’re living a life we’ve come to hate. Or we’re stuck in an endless rut that feels plain wrong for who we really are. We wonder how we’ve ended up where we’ve ended up and whether that’s it now for us.

We long to be our true selves. Take the reins of our life up again. Make strong decisions and bold changes. And move forward into a happier, balanced, more joyful way of living that suits our true self.

But we’re not sure what that is, nor if and how we can ever get there…

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in September 2018 

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And we’re scared to change, too – of getting lost, making mistakes, being judged by others, running out of money, losing what we have…

So we wait and hope something changes by itself. Get disappointed and cynical if it doesn’t. Pull ourselves together and tell ourselves that it’s not that bad after all. Make this life we don’t want work as best we can. And, slowly but surely, lose our confidence, motivation and joie de vivre.

Sounds familiar?

If you’ve been in this place, or are there right now:
You’re not alone.

I’ve certainly been there. We all go through times like this, more than once. Often, this happens around mid life. But at other times, too. Because it’s part of our living, developing and growing as human beings.

It’s a transformational, transitional place to be: What doesn’t serve us anymore comes to an end, and we’re called to step up to a next level. To examine our life and shape the next, different, more mature phase of it. Sometimes, a few well-placed adjustments are all this takes. Other times, we may feel like we need to re-invent ourselves completely.

Transitional and transformational places can be uncertain, uncomfortable, even scary. Particularly, if we cannot seem to find our way through them, and struggle to even envisage what our life may be beyond them.

But you are not alone, and you don’t have to go through your transition alone.

My group experience Discover the Life You Love is here to help:

12 weeks of live weekly virtual meetings to learn, play, share, get inspired, discover, lift your energy, re-build your confidence and nurture your soul.

Share your journey in a small, supportive group of 4 people.

Let me guide you as you:

  • take stock of where you’re at in your life
  • reconnect with who you really are
  • let your next life phase and your path forward emerge
  • make real changes happen
  • feel a difference in your life right now and
  • move into the life you know is right for you.

Change with ease. Start living with joy and purpose. And be in step, happier and more satisfied with your life again.

Next course starts
in September 2018 

Email me now    for questions or
to book a free call with me.

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

This course is for you if you:

  • have come through an ending or have arrived at a crossroads in your life – perhaps after a redundancy or a bereavement, the end of a relationship, or the kids flying the nest – and feel ready to start afresh
  • are feeling uncertain at reaching mid life – perhaps you’ve turned 40 or 50? – and want to re-examine your priorities and re-invent yourself
  • feel like you’re treading water in your own life and want to grab the reins of it again to give it a meaningful next direction
  • lost your way and want to find a new, meaningful, authentic path in life
  • feel stale and deadened by work, responsibilities and endless routine, and want to refresh your life by injecting new impulses, experiences, and more fun and adventure
  • are ready to shed the fear and start living a joyful, satisfying, meaninful life
  • are free to participate in weekly mid-week lunch time group calls, and dedicate time to your discovery and life change process during the week, from September to December 2018.

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Your investment


This includes:

  • 12 weekly 60mins group virtual meetings or group Skype calls with me, mid-week lunch time, with 4 participants
  • Programme guidance, resources, strategies and exercises
  • Selected tools and exercises to suit you
  • Access to Life You Love Online Toolbox
  • Private Facebook group
  • Email communication with me between sessions, as needed

Split payment plans available – advance deposit of £250 required to secure your place. Booking commits you to complete the entire course. Deposit and payments are non-refundable.

Inspired? Interested? Questions?

That’s great – why don’t we have a chat? I’d love to speak to you. That way, we can get to know each other a bit, clarify any questions you may have, and make sure this course is right for you and we’re a good match to work together, too. (And, by the way, it’s ok if we find out that we’re not. :-))

Email me now   for questions or to book your free call. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

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