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My Story

On the outside, the early part of my life looks like…

A straight-line rise

It has:

6 years of Primary School, 6 years of College, 5 years at University, earning me a Masters Degree in Biochemistry. A stint as a Researcher at Hoffman-La Roche’s Pharmaceutical Research Department. A gap year in Spain, adding Spanish as the 5th language I speak, and learning to dance Flamenco.

Then a management consulting career from Junior to Executive Consultant: Ten years of helping global businesses and their people make real change happen, by coaching, consulting and training their people at all levels, to own, shape and drive their own change.

In that time, I moved my life from Switzerland to London, UK.

And then…

A break

Management consulting is high-powered work, and some of it I loved.

Yet it also demanded all of my focus, attention and energy, and then some. For years and years. Eventually, I found myself longing for a more multi-faceted and balanced life. I also felt I hadn’t quite found my calling yet – the work I was truly meant to do.

I didn’t just want a next job or career move; I wanted to understand and consider what really mattered to me in life. To look not only at what I was doing to earn my living, but also at how I was earning it. And to fit this into a bigger picture of a life I truly loved.

The first thing I did was to pause and create space to reflect on this, and try out things that interested me. I did so quite radically: I left corporate consulting behind without knowing exactly what to do next. (Head over to my blog post Create Space to learn how you can create space – in less radical ways, too.)

I gave myself the time to let my corporate life phase end. To sit in the uncertainty in between that and what was to come next. Not trying to fix it, nor jumping to solutions right away – but bearing it, and making friends with it. And see if glimpses of a life and work I loved would emerge.

A starting point – and the meanders of finding the life I love

In this quiet space I noticed that, in order to find a next step that felt right for me, I needed a better understanding of who I (really) was – something I’d never given much thought to before. (Feel like you want to do that, too? Hop over to my blog post Create a Snapshot of Who You Really Are to find out how!)

So I started with that. It had nothing to do with self-indulgence. Rather, it was about increasing my self-knowledge, awareness, and understanding. I reviewed where I’d come from in my life so far, and what I had learnt from that. And I took a good, honest look at who I really was, and what truly mattered to me.

Then I started trying out what I felt drawn to – and my previously straight journey turned into a more meandering one. A very interesting journey it was, too, as it lead me deeply into Writing, Photography, Dance, Singing, Performance, and various self-developmental and spiritual philosophies!

Based on each of the things I’d tried out, I started collecting pointers towards the life I loved, which I used as spring-boards to experiment further. I began to notice what I loved and what I didn’t. What felt right and what didn’t. And I let go of the latter, and tried to do more of the former. (Today, I help my clients be a bit more structured about this – check out my blog post Create a Rough Roadmap to learn how! It saves them a few of the meanders I had and takes the stress out of not-knowing.)

I kept collecting, until a clearer picture gradually emerged: It was actually a friend who suggested to me that, with my extensive experience in so many areas of life and work, with so many different people, I would make the perfect Life Coach.

At the time, I didn’t even know what a Life Coach was. But when I researched it, it made logical and gut-feeling sense. And the work I was meant to do – which I call Life Consulting today – as well as the life I love, gradually fell into place!

A kaleidoscopic life

quote about 4On my journey, I’ve had times of clarity and times of confusion. Times of actively and purposefully taking myself forward, and times of letting things rest. I alternated Doing with Being and Reflecting. I lived through the natural ups and downs of my journey. And every now and then, I took stock of where I stood, of what worked for me and what didn’t. And then I looked around for where to go next.

Over time, my life opened up like a kaleidoscope: I went from an almost exclusive focus on facilitating business change working with clients and colleagues, to a much more balanced life centred around a variety of activities and people I loved, and wanted to pursue or spend time with.

Initially, this included part-time, self-employed work as a business researcher and writer, and change consultant for charities. More time for family and friends. And quite a lot of artistic and creative pursuits, among which were:

  • Dancing Flamenco and owning a flat in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
  • Earning a National Certificate in Photography and producing my own photographic greeting cards.
  • Training professionally in Contemporary Dance at the Laban Centre; dancing, choreographing and performing contemporary dance pieces, and being a member of Amy Voris’ Movement and Performance Group Sentient Dogs.

And today?

I live in London, my home town for the past 20 years, where I take great delight, satisfaction and a sense of purpose in helping people renew their direction in life, and get underway  into a life they love, by taking the practical steps and making the real changes this requires – in the way that is right for them. And live more authentically, joyfully, soulfully!

I also love spending time with family and friends, and practicing yoga, walking and cycling. I enjoy singing and performing, playing the piano, and photographing nature (What do you think of my Facebook Page Monica Castenetto Nature Photography? Please ‘Like’ it if you like it! 🙂 ). I also maintain strong family ties to Switzerland and Italy. And yes, I do speak six languages!

How you can work with me

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Inspired to work with me? Have questions?

Great – why don’t we have a chat? I’d love to speak to you! It’s important to me that we’re a good match. That my coaching is right for what you want in your life. And that I’m the right person to help you with this. (And, by the way, it’s ok if we find out that I’m not.)

You’re serious about discovering and creating a life that is right for you? You know you cannot do that on your own? Then book an initial free call with me now. We’ll talk about where you stand and what you want to do. We’ll clarify any questions, work out if and how we can best work together, and get the ball rolling.                         top

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