Summer is heat. Long, lazy days of light. Summer storms of warm rain. It’s the joy of maturing and maturity. Make the most of your summer with this beautiful eBooklet – whether on summer holiday or not. You’ll get:

  • 22 pages of inspiring reflections for summer.
  • 11 beautiful photographs
    of nature in summer.
  • 11 poetic text nuggets on
    life in summer.
  • All Monica’s original photography and writing.


Updated on November 6th, 2023

How to Know What You Want

If you’re looking to make changes for the better in your life,  yet feel stuck because you don’t know what you want, then this e-book is for you. Let it guide you as you discover what you want, in ten easy ways over ten days. You’ll get:

  • 36 pages of thought-provoking insights about wants.
  • 9 quick tips on handling wants, and not-knowing-what-you-want, better.
  • 10 practices to access your inner and outer knowledge and discover what you want. In just 5-30 mins a day, over ten days.

Get clear. Get inspired. Get moving.