Updated on March 29th, 2021

Soul conversations

There are times when something’s on our mind, but we don’t want a directed, results-oriented, problem-solving conversation. We just want a good old heart-to-heart – or soul to soul – with someone with life and professional experience, who will listen without judgment and help us express, connect with and understand what’s going on within us.

We can have that with family, friends, even strangers, of course. But often, things get in the way – our history, resentments or misunderstandings, pride, having to keep up a façade, judgments, preconceptions or hidden agendas, or just being too busy.

That’s why I offer Soul Conversations: A supportive, creative space I hold, in which we aim to be as real, honest and open as feels right. Conscious, sensitive and respectful, too. We talk – both of us speaking, listening and responding – about things that truly matter to us. Without distractions nor the pressure of having to set or achieve a goal, we aim to understand, share, accept, heal.

A Soul Conversation is for you if you:

  • Want to talk through something in depth,
    without distractions
  • Want a safe space to share and be truly heard
  • Want to nourish your soul through meaningful conversation
  • Want to slow down and find stillness
  • Want to increase your understanding and acceptance of yourself
  • Enjoy relating consciously to another person

Soul Conversations can be deep. Moving. Beautiful. Rich. Satisfying. We might shed a few tears together, or share giggles or a hearty laugh. Our conversation might well be healing, or move you forward in some way, though that’s not its express purpose. In any case, it will lift and energise you. And (re-)connect you with your essence. Because… it’s good for the soul!

60mins Soul Conversation (via Skype):                                          £60


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