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joy webberJoy Webber, Director at Balanced World, London: “Heard a truly dynamic talk from Monica on how we create excuses to stay within our comfort zone. Well, not after that, I can tell you! Thought-provoking and energising.”   top

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blondell shawBlondell Shaw, Director at Perfect Fossicking, London: “I attended a Fabulous Women (and Marvellous Men) netwinning meeting in Mayfair. It was my first time attending, and I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and high standard of the entrepreneurs in the room. Monica was the speaker on the day, and her talk about excuses, and what gets in the way of doing the things we want to do in our lives really resonated with me: In fact, I’d arrived late to the networking event, as I am doing too much for other people and not enough for myself and my business. I’ve been letting clutter take control of my life – so Monica’s talk was a timely, friendly reminder. Monica’s energy, experience and skills really shine through her talks – somebody you want to get to know and work with!”   top

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KT813-72 sq sKeeley Taverner, Founder of Key 4 Change, Uxbridge: “Monica really knows her stuff – big UP for her presentation on how not to be a goals victim. It cleared up so many issues I’ve had with coaches over the years.

A thoughtful, insightful presentation, and very well delivered. Loved it!

My light bulb moment was realising how personality impacts on the different ways of setting direction. Now it totally makes sense why my previous coaches have been frustrated with me. Monica’s linking personality types and coaching or direction setting styles has been a revolutionary insight for me. I now know what type of coach I want to work with in the future!”      top

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Victoria, Surrey: when no longer afraidOne morning in November I attended a Fabulous Women event at Kingston.  I met Monica.  Monica Castenetto.  My morning had gone OK from my normal routine – and then I listened to her presentation on creating your vision of a life you love.

We all know how lucky we are to be here on this planet, but I think sometimes we lose sight of this. But Monica didn’t and doesn’t!  She gave us a quick ‘temperature check’ – did we feel our life was drab or fab?
Her presentation was full of colour, and fun to look at and to listen to. Importantly, it seemed to relate to each individual person in the audience.
Starting with a very average morning before I got there, I went from drab to fab over the course of Monica’s presentation! My mindset changed completely, and I immediately became much more positive and focused – from small acorns, to large oaks.
I came out of the meeting full of gusto and enthusiasm and started thinking about solutions, instead of problems. And this was all thanks to this particular morning in my life.
Hugely indebted and thrilled to have met Monica. Since that morning, I’ve kept to my plans and they’ve all paid off (mentally and physically).
But, it doesn’t stop there. The Fortnightly Dose of Inspiration Monica sends via email really works, too.
I can only say…. a very big thank you for my new onwards and definitely upwards attitude!”      top

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