Updated on December 17th, 2018

Workshops and retreats

Transform Your Life Retreat

Unique retreat combining Life Change Coaching  and  Yoga  (suited for beginners and more advanced practitioners). You provide the venue and the group, we provide and deliver the programme, and we give your group a precious opportunity to:

  • Get away from everyday life.
  • Engage and open their bodies, minds and hearts to inspiration, new ideas and new perspectives.
  • Connect more deeply with themselves and share their journey with like-minded people.
  • Stay at a venue of your choice, or at your retreat centre.
  • Breathe, reflect, move, have fun, connect, be inspired.
  • Be nourished in body, mind and soul.
  • Reflect about their life and priorities and let their life vision and path forward emerge.
  • Re-connect with what’s important to them.
  • Learn practical tools and strategies for life transitions.
  • Get a boost, restore motivation and inspiration.
  • Take away practical actions they can do to make a difference to their life straight away.

All in a safe space and a friendly group environment. And guided by experienced life consultant, workshop and retreat leader Monica Castenetto, along with experienced and much-loved yoga teacher Muriel Mueller .

Let your participants come away refreshed, motivated, full of ideas and practical actions that will make a difference to their life and their work,  able to cope better with what life throws at them!

Participants will be nourished in body, mind and soul in a beautiful, peaceful location of your choice. And lay the foundations for creating a life you truly love. They’ll be gently guided, supported and encouraged as they:

  • Understand where they stand and what’s going on
  • Discover their vision for a life they truly love
  • Create a flexible, creative roadmap to move towards it
  • Set their intentions and
  • Take their first practical steps

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Workshops and Life Masterclasses

These 2-4 hour events with Monica Castenetto give your participants an opportunity to get to grips with specific life issues such as work-life balance, getting unstuck, or building confidence – in a relaxed, safe and positive environment, whether it’s in a corporate or informal setting.

Workshop topics include:

  • Don’t be a Goals Victim: Making goals work for you
  • Restore your flow when you’re stuck
  • Get back to balance when you’ve dropped off
  • Understand and make personal change with ease
  • Grow your confidence
  • Choose a positive attitude
  • Make strong decisions
  • Ease stress

More topics can be added.

Participants will leave

  • feeling inspired
  • boosted with positive energy
  • equipped with useful, practical knowledge and approaches to deal with the issue
  • with clear, practical actions to make an immediate difference to what they’re struggling with

Workshop participants say…

“ So good to look at the different areas of my life, understand the balance I want, and seeing how the balance I’ve got right now is different from that. I know now to accept what I cannot change, and what to do about what I can change. Thanks Monica for a great workshop! ”

“I came into the Masterclass feeling ‘8-out-of-10’ stuck… By the end of it my feeling stuck had decreased to 5!”

“Goals don’t have to be scary or unpleasant: It was great to voice our goals, intentions, aspirations, dreams and wishes – taking the first step towards making them real!”

“Loved sharing my experience and hear from others – I felt supported and got lots of ideas.”

“I’ve realised that small changes are just as important as big changes – it just all helps to get on that journey again!”

Get inspiration and tips for a life you love