Updated on October 18th, 2018

December – the year is drawing to a close. Time to pause and look back at what’s happened in my life over the past twelve months. I like doing that – do you? I asked this question at a networking meeting, and only 1 of 14 attendees said they did, too.

Still: If you’re not reviewing your year, you’re missing out!

So get reviewing now, and pick your favourites from my collection of 55 Cool Questions for Reviewing Your Year.

WHAT do you gain from reviewing your year?

Check out my article on that topic: 5 Brilliant Benefits You’ll Get From Reviewing Your Year

And HOW do you review your year?


Just take some time out to do nothing much. Go for a walk. Chill on a comfy sofa. Sit in a cafe and watch the world go by. Or whatever you do, when you do nothing much.

And then consider any of my 55 questions below – and any other ones that come to your mind!

Or, for a more structured yearly review, head over to 5 Powerful Ways to Reflect on Your Year – With Free Tools

My 55 Year Review Questions

In this year which is now coming to a close…

1  Was your year fab or drab? What made it so?

2   What’s the one word that sums up your year?

3   What have you spent most of your time with?

4   What haven’t you spent enough time with?

5   What’s been the greatest change for you?  What has this meant for you?

6   Which cool thing have you created?

7   What have you done for the first time?

8   Which book, movie, song or artwork affected you in profound ways? Why?

9   What was your best experience?

10  What was your most challenging experience?

11  What was the most amazing place you visited?

12  What was the most awful place you found yourself in?

13  Which new skill did you learn or apply?

14  What or who taught you an important lesson? Which?

15  Who or what are you most grateful for?

16  What do you look back on with a big smile?

17  What do you remember with a little tear in your eye?

18  What was your biggest break-through?

19  What was the best thing you did for yourself?

20  What was the best thing you did for someone else?

21  What was the best thing someone else did for you?

22  What was the most beautiful thing you saw?

23  What was the best feedback you got?

24  What was the greatest surprise?

25  What new thing did you discover about yourself?

26  What single achievement are you most proud of?

27  Which so-called ’mistake’ or ‘failure’ matured you the most?

28  Which pain did you have to face or overcome?

29  What was the best news you received?

30  Who or what did you most rely on?

31  Which mental or physical blocks have you overcome?

32  What was your funniest moment?

33  What was the best food you’ve eaten?

34  What occupied your mind and thoughts more than anything else?

35  What was your most important family event?

36  What did you stop doing?

37  What did you start doing?

38  What would Santa say you’ve been: Naughty or good?

39  If this year was a colour, what colour would it be?

40  Which significant person did you meet?

41  What hasn’t happened, that you were expecting?

42  Which little thing did you most enjoy in day-to-day life?

43  What was the biggest problem you solved?

44  What were you most annoyed by?

45  What’s the best thing you bought?

46  What’s the best thing you’ve decided to do without?

47  What can you give yourself a pat on the back for?

48  What’s your greatest nugget of wisdom?

49  How has your outlook on life evolved?

50  What or who has most inspired you?

51  What’s been the greatest argument you’ve had? What have you learnt from it?

52  What’s the best thing you’ve cooked (or eaten)?

53 If you had to do it again, what would you do the same way?

54  If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?

55  Based on this year, what advice would you give yourself for next year?

Over to you now

How did you get on with reviewing your year? What’s emerged for you? Please do share your comments below!

Want more? 

For some more in-depth, structured ways to review your year, check out my blog post 5 Powerful Ways to Reflect on Your Year – with Free Tools

And if you find it difficult to review on your own, then why not click here to check out my coaching programmes ?

They are designed to give you space, structure and inspiration, as well as guide you as you explore. I will be carefully listening to what you say in our coaching sessions, and help you draw out the insights and pointers that will set you up for a next life phase or year that you’ll love.

As one of my clients said:

“Sometimes it takes another person, someone who is unbiased,
to help us see what’s right in front of us!” 🙂