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*   Countries include Canada, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, the United States of America, and even Trinidad and Tobago!


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What readers say

Here’s why those receiving the Tips to Create and Live a Life You Love like them:

“I love reading your inspiring emails, Monica. What I enjoy most about your writing is that you’re sharing your experiences of what simply happens to you along life’s winding path, and you then relate it to how we can be better versions of ourselves.  It makes me aware that life is filled with lessons and signs every day, if only we choose to stop, observe and reflect.  That is what you do so beautifully, so thank you for sharing that!” – Leigh Stevens, Seattle, Washington, USA

“Thank you for writing such wonderful and inspiring emails. They always feel like you know exactly what I’m thinking!” – PG, SW London

“I love the tips, experiments and checklists in the emails – they are really applicable and useful. The topics intrigue me, and make me think about my life and myself in different ways. The mailings I liked most of all are ‘Got a Plan?’ and ‘Inspiration’: They spoke to my present mindset, and I kept reading them, and putting one or the other suggested experiment into practice. Thank you, Monica – you’re always truly inspiring!”  – DC, Utrecht, Netherlands

“Keep up the good work – your emails always brighten a dull winter’s day!” – SF, Surrey

“The Tips to Create a Life You Love via email really work! I can only say a very big thank-you for my new ‘onwards and upwards’ attitude!”  – VH, Kingston

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