What’s Your Excuse for not Living a Life You Love?

Stuck in a rut? At a crossroads? Don’t love your life? Want change but it’s not happening? Perhaps you’ve been making excuses for not getting on with a change that is much needed in your life… We all do!

Why not let this friendly, inspiring, motivating book help you spot and overcome them? It features over 40 typical and unusual excuses, and is full of insights and practical tips for getting beyond your excuses, to become exactly who you are meant to be. And create a life that is right for you; a life you truly love.

Think making changes is too hard?
Got no time?
Others don’t want you to change?
Afraid of going wrong, failing, or being judged?

This is the book for you.

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How to Know What You Want

If you’re looking to make changes for the better in your life,  yet feel stuck because you don’t know what you want, then this e-book is for you. Let it guide you as you discover what you want, in ten easy ways over ten days. You’ll get:

  • 36 pages of thought-provoking insights about wants.
  • 9 quick tips on handling wants, and not-knowing-what-you-want, better.
  • 10 practices to access your inner and outer knowledge and discover what you want. In just 5-30 mins a day, over ten days.

Get clearer. Get inspired. Get moving again.

See what readers say about this book

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‘Get’ who you really are

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