What’s Your Excuse for Not Living a Life You Love?

Updated on September 12th, 2018

What readers say about this book

car photo web smallCarole Ann Rice, Life Coaching Author and Happy Monday Columnist for the Daily Express:

“Monica Castenetto has a reassuring and wise voice throughout this book, which lends support, succour and a sense of being in safe hands. This book gently urges you to find your path and realise the joy of being in your flow – when life, love and all that comes your way feels easier, more joyful, and not something you need to resist with excuses. Let this book guide you to fearlessly reap the gift that is rightfully yours – your life – and leave those excuses on the shelf, along with unwanted fears and unfulfilled dreams.”

Andrea_Encinas smallAndrea Encinas, Director of British Gospel Arts, Winner of Lady Hilary Growes Making Music Award:

“If we don’t make the change ourselves, change will make us. So much better to take charge of uncovering, discovering or recovering our pioneering, risk-taking self, and work towards living a different kind of life – a life that is ours. As Monica says, it’s not about a perfect life,  but about a life that is perfect for you. This easy to read, yet profound book full of practical wisdom should be a gift to every young adult. We would have then created a world of happy, contented people!”

jane hardy smallJane Hardy, Director of Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men:

“Whether you’re thinking of changing your life completely, or just want to make small tweaks: This is the book for you! Down to earth and frankly awe-inspiring, full of excellent advice and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, it wants you to know that you can live a life you love. Monica is one of the most fabulous and thought-provoking ladies I know. Anything is possible in this life, and her book is there to guide you, and help you reach your goals and dreams.”

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And recently ‘snapped’ by readers around the world

book on Australian coastline may 16

On the Sydney coastline
– by Tracey Kelly

book on sounio 2 ira

At the temple of Sounio
– by Ira Kiourti

book at Victoria's june 16

Near Coit Tower, San Francisco
– by Victoria Hamblin

book in stockholm emma web

In Stockholm, Sweden
– by Emma Marshall

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