Updated on January 2nd, 2023


It’s a privilege…

…to witness the changes my clients make in transforming their lives and see the results they get. Here are just some examples of what they achieved:
  • re-trained into a more meaningful work
  • left the corporate world and became an entrepreneur
  • created a pleasant and sustainable work-life balance
  • turned down a job that wasn’t right, and found a better one instead
  • went on sabbatical or travelled the world
  • successfully launched an important project: Set up their own yoga community centre, launched their business newsletter, launched their blog, increased fun and adventure in their lives, or created their new website
  • got their business back on track
  • implemented a new exercise routine or established healthier eating habits, losing stones in weight
  • made significant and sustainable mood improvements
  • created a fresh home, de-cluttered jointly with their family
  • made time in their busy weekly schedule to look for a life partner, and found them, too 🙂

Two even married their longstanding partner. And yes – they were asked 🙂 !

headshot-200x300-sSusan O’Connor, Interior Designer at www.susanoconnorinteriors.com, Surrey, Regained Her Sparkle – and Joyfully Got Her Life-Changing Design Business Back on Track:

“After losing my mother to Dementia, it was really difficult to get back into running my business in a way that gave me joy and rekindle my passion for interior design.

When I read one of Monica’s newsletters, I realised that Monica specialised in helping women make changes in their lives, when they had become stuck. I liked Monica’s personality and her positive approach, and after an initial consultation I knew she would be the person to help me move forward.

I can honestly say that Monica helped me turn around my thinking about my business and focus on where I wanted to be – to be that ‘shiny person’ I had always been, offering a personal design service that is life-changing for my clients. I applied the structure and practical ideas from our coaching sessions to my business – and saw great success within weeks! Monica also helped me create a better work-life balance, and adjust to a new life partner.

My coaching with Monica has given me my confidence back, and also is now allowing me to work towards the financial freedom I always wanted to think about, but never seemed to get round to! I have decided that this year is going to be my year, and I just want to say how much I appreciate Monica’s input with her unique and inspirational business, change and life coaching! She’s a gem!”

Dear clients: I am absolutely delighted at what you’ve achieved
and honoured to receive your generous feedback – thank you!

Jacquie Bullen, London, Has Picked Herself Up From Disappointment, Got a Job, Started Her Reiki Practice – AND Trained As A Coach!

I came across Monica when I had just lost a job for the second time in 12 months, having failed an assessment whilst on a training programme and had to leave.  I felt shocked about that and, being in my late 40’s, also completely stuck and actually beginning to feel quite depressed. What on earth was I going to do with my career – and my life – now? 

After an initial telephone conversation, I decided there and then that Monica was the person to help me through this. I wanted the coaching to help to get me ‘un-stuck’, reignite my ambitions and provide some clarity for what to do going forward.

The first session was incredibly liberating, and I came away with a ‘blueprint’ of where my passion really lay and what I could see myself doing in the not too distant future. Whilst battling feelings of failure, being interested in so many things at the same time, and not knowing where to start with it all, my coaching with Monica gave me a starting point: It was to focus on my passion for Reiki.

After just four sessions, I am now working part time in a holistic therapies centre, have a therapy room to work from on a self-employed basis, have a leaflet ready for printing, opened Twitter, business Facebook and Instagram accounts and am completing a coaching course myself this week!

I can’t believe the difference the coaching has made to my life.  I am now more focused, energized and my motivation and ambitions have returned.  I can see that my dreams actually are being realized!  I still have a way to go – my longer term goals are to open a holistic therapies centre – and I know the coaching will get me there. 

Monica is a genuine, sincere professional. She challenges you, encourages and supports you with just the right balance.  Believe me I needed the challenge!  She had to ‘reign me in’ from all the things I was interested in and kept me focused on my starting point – the Reiki.  Everything else can be added later.

Deciding to get a coach has been one of THE best decisions I have made, I honestly didn’t know how much of an impact it can make on your life.  Monica doesn’t give me the answers, she helps me to find the answers for myself. It’s been such an amazing and empowering experience that it has inspired me to want to become a coach myself.

As for the stuck, I still have my moments, but I now know through the coaching that it’s the little steps you take that make all the difference. As for my age? I feel 22 again!

Monica – thank you so much for having such a positive, impactful effect on my life! 

SAWhitton/Hounslow, South West London, Got Clear on What She Wanted, Made Strong Decisions
and Is Happier, More Focused, More Confident and Better Organised:

I had been on Monica’s mailing list for a while and found her emails meaningful and full of insight, so I sent her an email as I felt very stuck in my life. In my early 60s I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay living in the same area or not, whether I wanted to continue working or not, and whether I wanted to keep the same social life, hobbies and activities or make a change, and if so how to go about it. I had a hankering to move to the country but my husband wasn’t so keen. I was working part time but generally felt confused and dissatisfied.

I hadn’t intended to embark on a coaching journey as such, but after Monica replied to my email and we had a chat on the phone, I knew she was the right coach for me. Her many years of experience shine through. Monica makes it feel as if you are having a chat with a friend, but you come away from a session with so much positivity and plans in place for the next steps. She helped me to clarify the different issues about a potential relocation and come to a decision. Together we looked at different aspects of my life and found that I was doing too many things I don’t enjoy and not enough of the things I do enjoy. She inspired me to get back to studying and helped me with confidence issues that have been a problem for most of my life. She even gave me specific practical tools to help with personal organisation.

In short, I am now much happier, more focused on what I want to do, clearer in my vision, more confident and better organised. I feel like a different person and am now training to be a life coach myself. Thank you Monica!

RC, Manchester, Got In Touch With What He Really Wants in His Career, And Took His First Practical Steps Towards It:

“Monica’s Best Next Step coaching has been a great way for me to get in touch with what I really want to do in my career – while building on what I’ve done in the past. Monica’s insights helped me gain clarity and find my practical steps to get from A to B. I now have a structure to work towards and to pin down what I want to achieve, which, before, was rather nebulous in my mind. No one wants to look back on ideas that they never acted on – Monica helps you to act on them, to recognise the fluidity of your dreams and at the same time to make progress. She is a warm, friendly person to talk with and I highly recommend her services.”

CJLondon, Has Re-Gained Perspective and Motivation After a Setback in Making Her Life Change Happen:

“Thank you, Monica, for your kind and heartfelt response to my email, and for taking the time to answer it in depth.

You’ve really left me with some nuggets of truth, and I appreciate the fact that you gave examples from your own life when buying a new house and changing your social circles. It is so encouraging to hear that someone else has experienced similar things to me (so I’m not alone).

Thank you for helping me to see that I actually have a lot to commend myself for – I’m always really hard on myself, but now you’ve made me feel a lot better about myself.

You are right: we only have control of our own actions and thoughts, and THIS is what I choose to focus on from now on – not on what I don’t have, or on things that are out of my control.

I’m SO grateful for your regular emails – thank you for reaching out and connecting with people in this way. You’ve made a big difference in my life – especially with your emails about change, a subject which is particularly close to my heart.”

TimKingston, Has Re-Balanced His Working and Personal Life, Has Shifted How He Thinks and Acts, and Is Much More Focused on What He Wants from Life:

“Following a series of major events in my life I decided that I wanted to play a bigger part in shaping my own future. I was not unhappy or confused, but I wanted to have confidence that my actions and direction were right for me.

Monica was recommended to me and, even at our first meeting, it was clear that her personality, approach and experience would support me. Over a number of discussions she helped me to be very clear about what was important to me. Then, by listening to and talking with me, she encouraged me to use this knowledge to set myself goals and make plans that really did impact what I did, and still do.

The best measure of the impact of my time with Monica is that I have taken actions and remain much more focused on what I want from my life. Most significantly, I have re-balanced my working and personal life, now working 4 days per week, with my partner and me now being much more focused on getting the best from our time. My clearer perspective and confidence have made priorities and decisions in life much simpler, purely because I have become clearer in my own mind. Monica didn’t tell me the way forward, but she fundamentally helped me to work it out for myself.

My life is now much more aligned with what I love doing. This has, however, not been a one-off change. Working with Monica has resulted in a continuing shift in how I think and act. Monica’s role was to help me to get the best out of me and my situation, and she did this brilliantly.”

Polly Bagnall, Artist, Author, Psychotherapist, London, Is Shaping Her New Identity as an Artist:

“Having mixed feelings about my identity as an artist, I found the immediacy of Monica’s approach really useful. The feedback she prepared from my pre-meeting information was spot-on, and I came out of my session with clear action points and achievable targets.

Having a neutral space in which to voice my ambivalence was very helpful, and Monica’s objectivity allowed me not to get overwhelmed by bigger issues, but to identify an immediate, useful course of action, rather than prevaricate seeking the ‘ideal solution’.

I am now moving forward with the plans we made together, and Monica’s Change Catalysing acts as an ongoing reminder for me to keep working on one or two objectives at a time.”

ls sq

LS, Seattle, Washington, USA, Is Moving On from Corporate, and Starting Afresh as an Entrepreneur:

“When I started working with Monica, I had an idea and a dream of how I might like to live my life, but no sense or structure of how to get from where I am now, to realizing the life I want to live. During my first session with Monica, she gently yet very clearly helped me realize that a big decision I was about to make with my life would take me down the opposite path of where I wanted to be. That revealed the power of having not only a life plan, but also the talented, respectful and trusted Change Consultant that Monica is, to catalyze and support my desired life change.

Since working with Monica, I’ve  shifted from being desirous of change, but not having a clue how to move forward, to feeling self-empowered and trusting that small, practical and tangible steps can lead me to where I want to be. I have moved from feeling stuck in a corporate rut to taking a two-month sabbatical to now having embarked on a fresh start as an entrepreneur.

With Monica as my coach, I am assured of having the objective honesty to keep me honest with myself, and the grounding questions that move me from dreaming to taking positive action towards the life I want to lead!”

img for testimonial

Emma, South London, Works Less, Travels More, and Blogs about Travel on a Time Budget:

“I had come to a crossroads in my life, having lost both parents and with no children to focus on. I needed something new and positive to work towards, but didn’t know what. Monica spent time working with me to establish the things that are important to me and how I might refocus on some of these.

We worked on a long-term plan of action, with Monica giving me helpful suggestions of things to explore in-between sessions to keep the momentum up. My plan helped me look forward to what I had thought was quite an empty future, and was realistic enough to take account of the fact that I couldn’t just give up work and travel the world!

Instead, with Monica’s support, I have reduced my working pattern to 4 days a week and have just launched a travel blog called Travel on a Time Budget, which has allowed me to focus more fully on my love of travelling, without giving up the day job.

It’s not been an easy thing for me – it’s something completely new and it took some persuasion that such a public thing might be a good outlet for me; however, Monica has worked with me on my lack of confidence and been an enthusiastic supporter throughout the process. She has also taken the time to read my draft articles and give me useful feedback in-between sessions, which I think is really going that extra mile as a coach.

I couldn’t recommend Monica more highly. She combines a sensitive and empathetic approach (retaining patience and good humour at all times!) with practical suggestions and is always supportive and enthusiastic. I can honestly say that my life looks much brighter now!”

Joanne, Southwest London, Stopped Being a Slave to Her Business and Enjoys Life on a Work Life Balance That Works For Her:

“When I first contacted Monica I felt lost and sad, lacking in direction on both a business and personal level, and although I knew I needed change I felt unable to make this happen under my own steam.

With Monica’s wonderful support and guidance I have been able to turn my life around to create a life that I truly love. Sometimes we all need a helping hand to assist us in seeing the wood from the trees, take a step back and have a good look at what’s important in our lives. And Monica has the skills and warmth to guide you through this process and enable the change you want.

Through working with Monica I have come out the other side with a clear sense of direction for my future and a good solid plan. I have changed my working environment and business model to one that suits me and allows me the freedom to participate in activities that I enjoy and to spend more time with my family and loved ones. I no longer feel a slave to my business and have created a work life schedule that really works for me and I love it.

Monica also taught me the importance of setting boundaries and this has helped me in both my business and personal life and has improved my relationship tremendously. I feel positive once again and have a new sense of optimism about life and have the confidence to go get my dreams.

I cannot recommend Monica highly enough, she is an amazing lady who has given me the inspiration I needed to make the changes to build this positive, happy and fulfilling life.”

GM, South London, Went Down to Working 4 Days a Week, and Has a Plan for Life After Retirement:

“Like so many people who have worked for many years I felt stuck: I’d hit 60 and though I enjoyed my role in the charity sector I wanted to think about taking back some time for myself so that I did not end up retiring and not knowing what to do with myself.

I’d often spoken to my hugely supportive wife about the many things going round in my mind and how I was unsure of how to move forward – it was she who found me Monica – in fact, she gave me the Discover a Life You Love one-to-one coaching as a fantastic present!

Monica helped me get unstuck; she gave me lots to think about and helped me get into the right place mentally to achieve my first objective of going down to four days a week at work. I now have the plans Monica helped me draw up to build my new life with.

I especially liked the fact that Monica offered to have an initial conversation with me to ensure I felt comfortable opening up to her; she is very insightful and asks lots of gently probing questions. She really made me think about things in a different way to how I’d always done before. Grazie Monica!”

FW, South West London, Built Her Career Whilst Also Enjoying Her Family and Taking More Time for Herself:

from frazzled to purposeOne of the best things I have ever done is to sign up for the Create a Life You Love programme with Monica.

It has taken me from a harassed, frazzled and stressed working mum of two young children, being pulled in too many conflicting directions, to someone with a clear sense of purpose and structure to effectively manage work, life, family and provide some time for me.

I know – how amazing is that!!

Monica has enabled this by asking sensitive, sometimes probing and intuitive questions that have allowed me to find the space and clarity to find solutions, and then used this to build a road map for change.

This has resulted in me restructuring my role at work to make me more productive and efficient, and free up time for my family and for ME!

Monica really is great and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

JIBJAB MUMMY sq smSue Burton, Founder of homebakedgiftcompany.com, Conquered Her To-Do List and Launched Her New Business:

“As a single self-employed parent and about to launch my new business, I felt completely overwhelmed, which resulted in me going around in circles.

Working with Monica and her Create a Life You Love programme helped me stay on top of my to-do list, and break that huge amount that needed to be done down into achievable segments.

After only a few sessions I am now happily steaming ahead: I’ve successfully launched my business. And I’m now giving myself a pat on the back for what I HAVE achieved, rather than fretting about what I haven’t (YET) achieved. Thank you!” top


Rosanna Henderson, Founder of Rosanna’s Mosaics, Got Her Mosaics Out of Shops and Into Galleries: 

“I needed to focus my mosaics practice of 8 years, which had become very ‘scattergun’. But I had blocks that prevented me from moving up to the next level artistically.

I met Monica at a networking event and immediately knew she could help me. I took an instant liking to her infectious energy and enthusiasm. She was very approachable, and I felt a strong synergy with her.

In just one session, Monica helped me understand that I am more driven by artistic development than commercial focus. This was a real light bulb moment for me! I also saw that, having found my artistic outlet quite late in life, I was scared and overwhelmed by its power and intensity.

And suddenly, it became very clear how I wanted to move forward:

Ivery clear on moving forward understood the type of work I want to focus on – what to say yes or no to. I also resolved to channel those powerful feelings brought up by my art into my mosaics, rather than let them stifle me. The day after my coaching session, I left the shop I had been in for 2.5 years, and got my work into a new gallery. And within two weeks, another gallery offered me to exhibit with them.

I am definitely on the right track!

I cannot recommend Monica enough. She is professional, sensitive, encouraging, has a an infectious energy and enthusiasm, as well as great empathy for the struggles going on inside us. If you are stuck or have a dilemma, do work with her, and get your own light bulb moment!”  top

heart twicTuesday McNeill, Twickenham, Urban Yogi, Set Up Her Dream Community Centre Heart Twickenham:

“I’m not sure my dream of a community space in the heart of Twickenham would have become reality, had I not spoken to Monica about it. We spent a short time talking through my idea, and what was needed to make it happen. It was the first time I’d really thought it through.

Whilst my idea remained a dream, it seemed intangible and unattainable. Yet with Monica’s insight and guidance, I drew it out on a sheet of paper, and saw for the first time: This was within my reach! It was like a door had opened: I simply stepped through and everything we’d envisioned steadily came to fruition. Today, I’m sharing my dream, with community space Heart Twickenham inspiring and connecting everyone who visits.”

EH3A6854 square(web)Katie Gordon, Fabric Designer and Founder of Cheeky LeopardOvercame Her Fears and Is Happily Sending Out Gorgeous Newsletters:

“I had a real block about sending out newsletters for my business – partly due to low confidence. But I also wanted to send out newsletters people actually wanted to read!

In just two one-to-one sessions, Monica helped me understand and overcome my fears. We brainstormed ideas and sketched them out visually. Monica was very involved as I created my first newsletter, and gave me great feedback on the drafts I sent her. I’ve now sent out further newsletters since that first one, to above-average open and click results, as well as great feedback from the recipients.

Monica’s programme has been invaluable for my business, and I now look forward to sending out newsletters on a monthly basis, with no worries at all!”  top

Sarah, 50, Brighton, Travelled the World For a Year: 

make changesWhen I had a nagging feeling that I wanted to make some changes, but didn’t know where to start, I decided to give Monica’s Discover the Life You Love programme a try.

When we met I loved her energy and attitude towards life – positive and encouraging, but grounded and realistic; not ‘away with the fairies’.

She really helped me pull focus on what mattered most at the time, although, at the time, I somehow couldn’t see it for myself.

Digging into simple things, such as what I do and the way I work, and what I really want my future to look and feel like, seeded ideas – mostly in my subconscious, I think – that eventually led to some really strong and positive decisions.

Monica mojo magicianThese decisions – now acted upon, yippee! – came in their own time and way, and I didn’t feel I needed to rush towards a perfect answer at any time.

To be honest, I didn’t always find the process easy or comfortable, especially when I felt I didn’t have an answer. I’m so used to being the one with all the answers – the problem solver!

I now have my mojo back, and a big adventure ahead, with no small thanks to Monica and her kind prompting. Maybe we should rename her ‘Monica the Mojo Magician!’   top

JS, Oxfordshire, Took up Volunteering in Her Field of Interest – and Loves It: 

so far loving it“In a stressful time of feeling lost in work and life, working with Monica helped me reflect on my life, confirm what’s really important to me and what I want, explore my options and understand how to pursue these in the real world.

Her structured and well-balanced process gave me confidence, support and trust. It really helped me through this uneasy and uncertain time.

After some initial open explorations and spelling out my vision for my life, things began to fall into place quite quickly. I found first practical steps to get me started, one of them volunteering in a new field of interest I wanted to develop. I was then quickly able to research and approach the organisations that interested me.

In the end it seemed obvious what I should do next, and I now have started on three specific projects, through which I will learn new skills and create a new balance in my life. So far I’m loving it!

more settledI now feel more settled and comfortable, having embarked on the next phase of my life, and there is no doubt that my work with Monica has been a major contributor to that.

Some of the gently challenging questions she posed helped me really think about and change some long-standing perceptions of myself for the better.

Monica is a very talented, inspiring and professional lady who is committed to and enthusiastic about her work and passionate about helping her clients. I would recommend her to anyone considering embarking upon making changes in their life.” top

TV, Basingstoke, Balances Her Coaching Business with Being a Mum of Four: 

“Monica is the best coach I have ever had. Her empathy, encouragement and support have made me feel safe enough to really be honest and explore the areas I needed to explore in order to move forwards in my life.

Before I met Monica I could not see my life in the future. Now I can clearly see where I want to be in 15 years. Not only has Monica helped me with my vision for the future, but with how to take steps now in order to make sure that future vision becomes a reality.

I would not hesitate to recommend Monica to anyone who wants to make changes in order to live a life they love. Thank you Monica for all your support, and being such a positive catalyst in my now awesome life. Loving my life!”  top

IH, Wiltshire, Found Her Vision for a Life She Loves: 

“Monica inspired me to really create a vision for the life I love by helping me to identify what is important for me in my life, what is holding me back and how to set realistic goals towards my vision.

Monica is a very supportive coach who takes the time and effort to understand her clients, and to challenge any beliefs that limit them, so the clients can break away from old habits of thinking and create a new path for their future.”   top

IK, Royal Oak, Got Really Clear on What She Wants from Life: 

“My sessions with Monica have had a deeply beneficial effect on me. I came out with a clearer sense of who I am and what I want out of my life, as well as a solid plan of action for achieving this.

I was amazed with Monica’s ability to be inspirational and sensitive, yet grounded and goal-oriented, and she was able to guide my thoughts in a useful direction even when I had a down day.”    top

DC, Kyoto, Japan, Is Now Back from Japan, Living in Holland and Working in Italy: 

“I’ve known Monica’s professional coaching and consulting talents since 1998, and she’s always left me in awe of her extraordinary competence, her clear thinking, and her endless creativity in finding new ways of solving any issue at hand. She is currently helping me with designing my next career and life (especially life!) transition, and I could not be more excited.

Every session has been carefully prepared, and I have also been provided with tools to help me be effective and focused.

Monica’s warm humanity, and her own inspiring life experience offer a constant support, as I take the concrete steps toward my future as I wish it to be. I feel very confident that the roadmap I have created with her help will guide me to a better knowledge of myself and to my real priorities for my life! “  top

NC, Teddington, Surrey, Is Underway Testing a New Working Model: 

“I worked with Monica having reached an inflection point in my work:

inflection in workI wanted to evaluate where I’d got to so far, and clarify where I wanted to be in the future.

By working with her I was able to much better understand and rationalise what motivates me, and how I respond to different events and stimuli related to work.

In so doing, Monica equipped me to much better manage specific work situations. She also helped me determine the type of work and working environment I want to create for myself in the future – and find some very concrete and specific ideas I am now in the process of testing and developing.

Monica’s approach is both empathetic and structured; she created a framework through which I was able to think through and develop answers and conclusions for myself that have really helped me move forward on this front.”    top

JF, Surrey, Got Out of Her ‘Singles Rut’: 

Monica caresBeing single it’s difficult getting yourself out of a rut, as there is no one to give you a nudge or even challenge what you are doing. Monica spotted this straight away, and we homed in on two specific areas of my life that needed a “spring clean”.

Yes, it was challenging, but Monica has such enthusiasm and verve that it was positive and infectious.

Preconceptions were discussed and in some cases abandoned, new ideas came to the fore, useful emails were sent.

It was all very professional, and from the outset I knew Monica actually cares about what she is doing. And when she said “keep in touch” I knew it was meant.

My work with Monica was a real wake-up call: It has motivated and prompted me to take focused actions, and move out of the rut and forwards toward how I want the next part of my life to be. I would recommend  Monica without hesitation.”   top

JJ, SW London, Changed Her Not-So-Helpful Habits: 

“Monica’s coaching about changing my life to achieve what is important to me has been so enlightening.  It enabled me to review my life, set meaningful goals, and have a clear framework to work to.

getting rid of bad habitsMonica’s tools, templates and tips truly helped me make the most of it; I felt very supported throughout. I left each coaching session with a renewed sense of energy and positivity, as I am finally letting go of some old bad habits and replacing them with constructive new ones.

Having learnt to look at ‘limitations’ in a different way, and deal with setbacks or distractions effectively, I now have achieved some of my goals and am on track towards others I’m still working on.

I have also greatly enjoyed the process: It is one of the most positive things I have done for myself this year, and I am convinced that everyone should have a coach, no matter what stage they are at, or what they want to achieve!”

enjoyed the processMonica helped me see that it is possible to challenge and change both your way of looking at particular situations, and old ingrained behaviours, and that it really is possible to make positive changes in your life.

Her ideal blend of skill and personal attributes makes her a great coach: She is calm, patient and empathetic, but also focused on her client’s results, and very good at challenging perceptions in a positive and constructive way!”    top

ACB, North London, Realised What She Most Enjoys About Work: 

“In a time of change and uncertainty in the workplace the focus of my work with Monica was on this aspect of my life. It was very useful in helping me work through what I want to do going forward, and what my next steps would be to help me achieve this. It helped me realise what I enjoy most, and look outside of the obvious to find this.”  top

shift in workBob, Sheffield, Shifted His Approach to Work: 

“Monica is a highly skilled professional and very good at what she does. I’m amazed at how much progress I’ve made with my goals in a short space of time. It is no exaggeration to say that, as a result of the work with Monica, I have made a fundamental shift for the better in the way that I approach my work.”   top

CS, West London, Now Has a Doing-Mindset for What She Wants In Her Personal Life: 

“Self discipline, abundant in my professional life, was lacking when it came to pursuing my most important personal interests and family relationships.

sense of progressThe work I did with Monica has provided me with a framework for action – it really helped me turn my intentions into a ‘doing-mindset’ by building my own practical, step-by-step approach.

I felt accountable to myself and to the process all within a supporting environment. By the end of the sessions, I felt a sense of real progress, had achieved some of the goals I had set myself, and was better equipped to maintain my ‘doing- mindset’ and keep moving towards where I want to be.”   top

BT, Teddington, Surrey, Resolved a Long-Standing Issue: 

“I found it very easy to open up to Monica, she is an excellent listener, and had the ability of drawing out of me the salient points. I went away from a single session with a much clearer view of how best to go about addressing the issues in hand, and with many possible action points which were not only very practical, but could also be put into immediate effect.

A very useful session, thank you.”                                                 top

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You’re serious about discovering and creating a life that is right for you? You know you cannot do that on your own? Then book your initial call with me now – it’s free! We’ll talk about where you’re at and what you want to do. We’ll clarify your questions. We’ll work out if and how we can work together. And get the ball rolling!


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