How to Know What You Want

Updated on November 7th, 2017

What readers say about this book

vari mcluskie smallVari McLuskie, Director of Verve Consulting and Founder of Inner Edge Mindfulness:

“Feeling submerged in your own life? Not sure what you want anymore? Then invest in following the wise and skilful invitations offered in this delightful short e-book.

Monica’s joyful and caring energy emanates from every page. Monica gives you the inspiration to search for a more happy and wholesome life. Follow these steps to unleash energy and vitality you never knew you had.”

Hilary Fisher sq small#Hilary Fisher, Colour and Style Coach, Richmond Personal Style:

“This is a wise, yet easy-to-read little book. In her 10-day challenge, Monica helps us gain the clarity we need even to begin to get what we want. I particularly value her advice to allow myself to step away from the problem, or sit in the not-knowing. As an intuitive person, I can get in a tangle if I over-think things… Monica’s e-book supports very closely what I do in my business, too. I help you find out who you are, and learn how you want to dress from there. Accepting Monica’s 10-day challenge will take you a long way towards such self-knowledge. There is no doubt that the more you learn about yourself (and the things you want are a manifestation of who you are), the happier you will be, and the more use you will be to others, too.”

Rumi Peynovska smallRumi Peynovska, MD, MSc, Medical Director, Verba Vita:

How to Know What You Want is a practical, easy to follow step-by-step guide to help you become aware and clear of important personal goals and aspirations. The workbook assists in identifying and defining unique personal needs and wants, and as such can serve as a motivational tool to help you achieve self-fulfillment and your true potential. By following the programme you will be able to devise your own unique hierarchy of needs and wants – the important things in life that make you feel happy, healthy, appreciated and loved not only by others but by yourself, too. It’s a 10-day plan to personal growth and peak experience!”

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