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Transform Your Life   Retreat

Your retreat leaders

mc-dec-2016-sq-webFind out more about Life Coach and Consultant Monica Castenetto.

Find out more about Monica’s structured and intuitive Six Steps to the Life You Love approach.


a_mumupic-n03 5x5Find out more about Yoga Teacher Muriel Mueller.

Our unique, holistic approach

Our approach uniquely combines practices, techniques and wisdom from Life Coaching and Yoga:

Life Direction Coaching is a positive, empowering method rooted in psychology and neuroscience. Through powerful questions it helps you open to creativity and inspiration, see things from a fresh perspective, tap into your own inner wisdom, and structure your thinking. So that you can clarify what you really want in your life, renew your life direction, find your own best way forward, and get going with it. You will be working on your own life vision and direction within a group setting – through guided coaching sequences and explorations on your own, in pairs and in  small groups, with some group sharing (where comfortable; no pressure or obligation to share).

Yoga is an ancient physical and mental life practice, which helps you create balance between body and mind and unite the naturally present opposites in the human system. From the vast array of practices we have selected those that facilitate and support reflection, insight and transformation: Support strong grounding; creativity; sense of self; opening body, heart and mind; expressing yourself clearly, accessing your own wisdom; and connecting to yourself and your higher purpose. Practices are suited to beginners and include breathing work, stretches, selected yoga poses and flows, and meditations.

Life Direction Coaching and Yoga practices are organically combined throughout the retreat weekend to engage your group holistically at the level of body, mind and soul.

Our Retreat Outline – Weekend

Arrival at 17:00
Introduction and short yoga session
Dinner and free time, rest, chat

Start at 08:00 with short breathing session
Coaching / yoga:
Where you’ve come from and who you are today
Coaching / yoga:
Your emerging life vision and direction
Free evening or rest from 21:30

Start at 08:00 with short breathing session
Coaching / yoga:
Your roadmap and intentions to the life you love
Coaching / yoga:
Your first practical steps towards the life you love
Departure at 17:30

The retreat can also be delivered over 5 days.

And the benefits?

Retreat participants will come out of this weekend retreat with a solid foundation from which to transform their life, including:

  • a renewed life vision
  • a roadmap towards it
  • a set of intentions
  • clear practical steps to take right now.

Other benefits at the levels of body, mind and spirit are:

  • greater strength, increased flexibility, and increased energy
  • release of tensions
  • greater calm and a quieter mind
  • greater connection to your authentic self and what you want and need
  • increased clarity, fuller self-expression
  • openness to creativity and inspiration, better decision-making
  • positive, constructive mindset
  • strengthened motivation and intention

Winter Coaching & Yoga Weekend Retreat at Oxon Hoath, Sussex, England

with Life Coach Monica Castenetto and Yoga Teacher Muriel Mueller

Feedback from participant BT, Teddington: Now feeling inspired, re-energised, liberated

“Couldn’t have expected more from this retreat – It was a wonderful get-away! The yoga and life coaching worked perfectly as a combination. Oxon Hoath was a stunning place and ideal for taking time out and feeling inspired and re-energised. Muriel and Monica formed the perfect duo and fed off each other brilliantly to provide a truly fun, thought-provoking, relaxing and liberating weekend. Thank you!”

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Beautiful ladies having fun transforming their lives

Feedback from participant TR, Weybridge: Rejuvenated, confident and determined

“A wonderful two days spent rejuvenating, and growing in confidence and determination, in order to set about achieving what I want out of life. Without Monica, Muriel and the wonderfully supportive and caring women in the group, I probably wouldn’t have as much faith in this process as I do now!”

What other participants got from the retreat:

“Confidence, clarity, friendship!”

“I came out with firmer foundations for my desired life outcome.”

“The support of Monica, Muriel and the group gave me a lot of confidence!”

“I got focus, inspiration, new ideas and plans for how to make them real – I can and I will – cannot wait!  “

“Really great to take intentional time to plan what’s next in my life – change doesn’t happen by accident…”

“It helped me make a breakthrough I hadn’t fully realised I needed.”

Impressions from Oxon Hoath Winter Retreat

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