Updated on October 18th, 2018

Do you ever experience this: You finish something you’ve been doing – let’s say, answering your emails, watching a programme on TV, eating dinner.

And you know you could get off the computer now, and go for that daily walk you’ve promised yourself. Switch off the telly, and have a cosy chat with your loved one. Do the washing up before putting your feet up, so it’s done.

But somehow, you can’t tear yourself away, and you get side-tracked instead:

You start checking Facebook. You begin switching channels on the TV and end up watching everything a bit and nothing properly. Or you find something else to eat, even though you’re not really hungry anymore, then leave the dishes unwashed in the sink.

Has that – or something similar – ever happened to you?

It’s what I call:

Missing the Choice Point

The Choice Point is that point where you could make a conscious choice towards living your day how you want to, and how it’s best for you.

Instead, you get distracted, seduced, or high-jacked into something that isn’t what you wanted, and isn’t perhaps the best choice for you either.

Now, I don’t mean to be unpleasant here.

This is definitely NOT to say that life should be about constantly pushing ourselves, or beating ourselves up for not doing what ‘we should do’. And it’s definitely good to relax and have some down-time in your life, too!

No, this is about

Learning to treat yourself in the best possible way

So you can be the Best Possible You, and sustainably live a life that is right for you.

This sometimes means managing what German speakers call our ‘innerer Schweinehund’ – ‘our weaker self’…

We all have this part, and we all learn in our life that indulging it is not always the best choice for us. But punishing ourselves for it isn’t either.

I’ve recently read somewhere that we should treat ourselves like we would treat a small child: With love, and with gentle discipline, making sure the child eats well, drinks enough, learns things, and gets enough sleep. I kind of like that!

So ask yourself:

Are you making the best choices for yourself often enough?

And how does that affect you and your life?

If your answer is no, and you feel held to ransom by your ‘weaker self’ and all the distractions it wants to indulge in, or the excuses it wants to make, that pull you away from what is best for you, then:

There’s power in knowing about the Choice Point.

Here’s how to use it

Next time you finish an activity, notice that crossroads you’re at.

Notice the Choice Point, where you could choose to go either way: Give in to distraction, or to what’s not so good for you. Or do what is better for you.

Take a breath.

Tell yourself that you have a choice, and that it’s you who will make it. And then make your choice consciously, instead of letting yourself being swept into it. Speak your choice out loud, if that helps.

And this is my choice for now

It is 22:22h, and I’ve come to the end of my blog post for you.

I could sit for longer, go over it again, and make it more perfect. Or I could let it be what it is, switch my computer off, wind down and go to bed.

I choose to switch off, wind down and go to bed. 🙂

Over to you now…

What do you think? Has this technique worked for you?

Which of Choice Points do you tend to miss?

And which other strategies do you use in order not to let that happen?

I’d love to hear your views. Thanks for leaving your comments in the box below!

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